Packing condoms

I was reading a blog post last night and the contents absolutely left me speechless for maybe the second time in my life.

I was shocked at what she said and how casual she was about it. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m completely against cheating…she was not.

She called it realism. That today we women have to understand that “men are wired differently”. We women need to accept it and try to prevent out husbands from bringing home STD’s, so when our bread winners go out-of-town for business just pack him condoms.

Really? I mean, REALLY??? Lady, thanks for throwing women’s rights back to the 1920’s.

When did it become acceptable for men to cheat on their wives because “they’re wired differently”? That is a lot of horse shit. I absolutely will NOT pack condoms in my husbands suit case and say, “just be safe”. No, he’s MY husband. MINE! Which means, the only person who will see his special friend is his wife. Not some other woman because “that’s how men are wired”.

This woman went on to say that we women who expect our husbands to stay in a monogamous relationship are in denial. That we can’t expect them to only want to be with us because there will always be someone hotter and younger than we are. Well, there are always going to be men who are younger and hotter than our husbands. Does this mean we women can go on out and cheat as well?

When I took my vows, I swore myself to my husband. When he took his vows, yup that’s right, his body belongs to me! Me, me, me!!!!! It doesn’t matter if his hard wiring says to “spread his seed to anyone with a vagina” that’s why we have self-control. We may be part of the animal kingdom but we have a higher ability of thinking. We don’t have to go out and cheat on our spouses. If your sex life is miserable either deal with it by talking with your spouse or leave. I find it appalling that woman is so accepting of her husband cheating.

I made sure to let Greg know exactly what I thought of this and that if he thinks I’ll pack him condoms then he’s lost his damn mind. Of course I know he’s smart enough not to incure my wrath.



2 thoughts on “Packing condoms

  1. Somebody’s been watching too much Mad Men lately if she feels like all husbands have to cheat and that it’s ok to sleep with someone else because she’s younger and prettier. Apparently she was too stupid to actually how awful those women on the show have it with their crap husbands.

    • I don’t know where she got her reasoning from but I was actually speechless…and you know how often that happens. lol. I just don’t understand how anybody, man or woman, can be okay with their spouse cheating and actually think it’s normal!!!

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