The tantrum

I am the worlds most evil mom.

I destroy the lives of my children and cause them to erupt into fits of tantrum.

How could I possibly do this to my lovely angels who do no wrong?

I tell them to do things! :O Yes, I make my children pick up their toys. I make them eat dinner. I make their stinky buts get baths and I make them go to bed.

This, apparently, makes me an evil mom.

The day before last was a particularly hard day on me. Not just because of my exceptionally cranky children but because I was awake. It was one of those days when my nerves were shot from the get go. I didn’t have a chance to make coffee at all that day, I’d ate way to much the day before and I didn’t go for my jog because I over slept.

My children woke up the same way and remained that way the entire day. It was one fight right after the other. We had screaming when it was time to get dressed, refusal to eat anything besides snacks (by time dinner rolled around they were hungry.) and bed time…oh bed time was the worst.

The other day Greg rebuilt their Thomas train track and put new batteries in their trains. Well, this has caused chaos at bedtime. We don’t want to go bed! Is pretty much what they’re telling us. So, we let them stay up a little later than normal so they can play. But, at some point they have to go to bed. They have to get some sleep.

What does the evil mommy do?

I tell them it’s bedtime.

What does Eli do?

He throws himself on the floor like a little professional and begins to scream and kick. Now, this is not normal child screaming and kicking, this is somebody is killing me screaming.

It was ridiculous and I did what any mother would do.

I laughed. Yup, I laughed. I stood there staring at my child as he rolled around on the ground and I laughed. It was all I could do to keep from crying.

This tantrum went on for a good 10 minutes. I don’t know where the kid got his lung power from but good lord. It was ridiculous. After he was done, he reluctantly got into his bed and drank his juice. By reluctantly I mean he kicked his toys, yelled at me, then yelled at Greg before throwing all of his blankets on the ground.

So all that fuss because I told him to go to bed. Why do kids do that? Why do they find the need to throw tantrums because of the silliest things? Especially when they know they need it.

I’ve seen kids throw the biggest fits because their parents are making them eat, or at stores because they can’t get that toy. It’s a kids greatest weapon against their parents. A tantrum can ruin anything and kids know this. You’ll see the weaker  parents give in to the tantrum and give the child whatever they want. This isn’t a good way of dealing with the tantrum. This is an enabler. By giving in to the child it lets them know that by throwing a temper tantrum you can get your way. This is a HUGE no-no.

Then you have the strong-willed parents (or the ones who are really out of money and can’t buy that toy) who let their child scream. You always know who this parent is by the screams of the child all through the store. To those without children, we may appear as these awful people or don’t know how to control our children, but in reality that is exactly what we’re doing. controlling them and letting them know that “NO, you can not have that toy!”

I’m more of a push over at times, Greg though is the extremely stubborn and strong-willed one. Luckily our boys are good in public 9 x’s out of 10.

I can’t wait till we’re out of the tantrum phase, even though with the way some kids are now-a-days I doubt we ever will be.


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