Going through the motions

Some people aren’t meant for marriage.

At least not without a little big of professional help.

When the marriage becomes stale you end up just going through the motions. You get into a routine and life gets boring. Day in and day out you do the same things.

Life gets mundane.

The spontaneity of life has been gone for a while. There is work, kids and kids activities.

What happened? Where did the fun and the spice go?

It went to the same place that youth and excitement went, out the door. But don’t fear, there are ways you can get the spice back. Give the grandparents a call one weekend and see if they can keep the rugrat(s) for a few days. Then do you know what you do? Go into the city and get a hotel room. Yes, a staycation of sorts. Pittsburgh has a few rather nice hotels to choose from and a ton of nice restaurants.

Every parent and adult needs some away time. Even if it is in your own city. While you’re in that hotel order room service, get a bottle of wine, rent a dirty movie and throw on some lingerie. Relive your honeymoon! Let the sheets get rumpled and break a sweat!

Why not? After taking care of the house, the pets, or working day in and day out, putting everybody before yourself, you deserve some peace and quiet. Some quality time with your spouse.

Once life gets to the point of going through the motions that’s when you’ve hit a rut. It may not be a sexual rut but an emotional rut. The stress of life, having to do everything for your family¬† can really put an emotional strain on your mind, soul and body. You start distancing yourself from your loved ones and the “I love you’s” are a thing of the past. You may go days without even talking to your spouse. It’s not that you do it on purpose, you’re just at the end of your rope. You’re exhausted and want to get to the next day so you put yourself on autopilot. I know I’ve been guilty of this.

You could do things the same every day and still have a very healthy, fun and active sex life. Sometimes that’s not the case and the monotony of the day ruins the bedroom fun.

How long has it been since you’ve had a night out? Or a weekend alone with your spouse?

Are you still thinking about it? Then that means it’s time for a night out or weekend away. Go to the store and buy a dress that makes you fee confident and sexy, go buy some sexy lingerie, go get that hotel room and have a great weekend.


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