What motivates you

I need motivation. If  I have none, I’m going to be a lazy ass.

So what do I do to get up off my “cauch” (Pittsburghese for couch…)?

I play music. Not the slow, sappy shit. Not rap, not screamo (Death Metal) and definitely NOT country. (No I was not in the mob of crazy Kenny fans on the North Shore during the holiday weekend. I did laugh at the ones who got drunk and fought each other in their ridiculous fake cowboy hats.)

Greg and I have iTunes for our iPods. I love it. Yes, we DO pay for our music. Over the course of…a long time we’ve garnered a LOT of music. Well over 3,000 songs. Most I like and some I go WTF? The what the f*ck songs are Greg’s songs. Like Donkey Kong country theme song…that was probably one of the most random songs I’ve encountered on my iPod. I sometimes think he buys these songs to make me stop my run and stare at my iPod in utter confusion as to why this ridiculous song is on there. That’s what I did when I first heard it. Stopped, stared, shook my head and kept jogging.

What do I listen to? A nice mixture of songs. Some old, some new and some just ridiculous. (I’ve grown to like the Donkey Kong theme song.) I’m not a music buff. I’m far from it. I just know what I like, what gets my body moving and makes me want to actually stop being a slug and worthless.

Would you like to know my play list? Well I’m not going to list all the songs since, like I said, there are over 3,000 songs in my playlist…well I think I have 200-300 on my iPod. (I still want to know how the hell we have that may songs in our iTunes. I don’t even know that many songs!)

Instead of songs I’ll list artists.


Avril Lavine

Baby Bash

Backstreet Boys (that one is all Greg. I out grew them in 7th grade thank you very much.)

Blackeyed Peas (I’ll take this one. After their super bowl performance though I’ve lost ALL faith in them. They sucked serious ass.)

Blink 182

Bon Jovi (what woman doesn’t have Bon Jovi in her playlist? It’s just not possible.)

Lady Gaga (Yes, that is me again. I can’t stand her or her shows but her music isn’t terrible.)

Lenny Kravitz (Again what woman doesn’t have some Lenny in her playlist??)

The Clarks (HELLO!!! I AM a PITTSBURGHER! If there is a Pittsburgher who doesn’t have some Clarks in their playlist you’re being strung up in Market Square and beat with a Primanti’s sandwich while simultaneously being doused with an “ahrn” (iron) city by everyone Pittsburgh)

A random Super Mario remix (notice a Nintendo trend here? That’s all Greg.)

Creed (Greg has to be the biggest Creed fan of all time. I can sing just about every one of their songs from memory because of how much they’re played in our house and in the van.)

Justin Timberlake (*raises hand* Yes…I admit it…I’m a J.T fan.)

Cyprus Hill (Come on now, insane in the membrane…it’s awesome)


Danity Kane

Drowning Pool

Evanescence (I’m a woman…)


Fallout Boy

Flo Rida

Foo Fighters (was this ever in question? Who doesn’t like Foo Fighters?)

Goo Goo Dolls ( A friend of mine got me hooked on them.)
Maroon 5 (yeah, yeah I know…)

Genesis (It’s Phil freakin Collins…)

Godsmack (my father’s 2nd wife hated them when I was younger so of course I like them now. :o) )

Greenday (I think everyone in the world has Greenday somewhere)

Guns N Roses (this was a mutually agreed upon band. My mother got me into them.)

Led Zepplin

Michael Jackson (I’m a huge Jackson fan. I mean HUGE!!!! I LOVE Michael Jackson. If you don’t, you’re insane. Beyond insane. He was just amazing.)

Hootie and the Blowfish

Limp Bizkit

Linkin Park (Ahhh, on of my beastest friends in high school got me hooked on them…and gave way to my potty mouth. For family who think I have a virgin mouth in regards to swearing…I do. ;o))

Matchbox 20

No Doubt

The Offspring

One Republic

Michae Buble (Yup, I jumped on the Buble bandwagon…even if his last name is ridiculous. It’s as thought he wants to be a fancy bubble.)

There’s a LOT LOT LOT more I’m not listing because, well there are just too many for me to write. But you get the jist. I don’t have picky taste for music. I like what gets me going.

That’s what we all need. Motivation. Motivation for work, working out and life. While I’m doing my housework you better believe I have my ear buds in and oh do I sing. I sing as loud as I can. I’m a terrible singer. I’ve been told…a lot. Do I care?

Hell no!

It’s fun to sing along.

Sing like nobody can hear you, dance like nobody can see you and love like there’s no tomorrow.  (That was beyond corny…I know. Sorry. Very not me. I blame it on Michael…I’m listening to Beat It right now. In fact, I love Michael so much Beat It is my ring tone. So far the only two people to recognize him when my phone rings is Greg and my mother. She starts singing when my phone rings. I love my mother. Oh and did you know that in American Pie: The Wedding the opening music to the song Stiffler dances to in the gay club is Beat It. Just useless info I thought I’d throw out there.)


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