The sexy mom

There are all different types of moms. Some short, some tall, some skinny and some…curvy. We don’t come in a one size fits all package. And with the help of media more and more of us are self conscious about the way we look.

I know I am.

I have struggled with my weight for a long time. Throughout middle school and high school I was the fat kid and I got picked on for it. Once out of school I lost a lot of weight and for once was happy with how I looked. Then I became a mom.

Pregnancy ravages a woman’s body. It’s not easy and it’s not fun. Granted I have lost weight since the kids were born, but I’m nowhere near where I was. There are those who can easily go back to how they were before but for many of us it’s a constant battle. Hormones are raging even after the kid is here, we’re exhausted and I admit I don’t always eat super healthy and workout.

Then we read these articles about reclaiming our sexuality, the 10 minute workout that will bust that baby fat and then they show us pictures of these super fit women with 3 kids around their legs and 2 in their arms.


Despite what the media portray’s as a sexy mom, you don’t have to be a size 2. You can be a size 2, 6 or 12 and still be sexy. It’s all in your mind. If you try, if you take care of yourself; you can be sexy.

There are men out there who crave the short woman, the tall woman, the stick thin and the pleasantly plump. You can’t help who you’re attracted to and hopefully once the kids arrive your partner will still find you sexy, even with your flaws.

One way I’ve found that I feel sexy is getting dressed up. Yeah, there are times when I’ll just do my hair and make up, throw on a dress and my sexiest high heels. I’ll do it for no other reason that to feel attractive and sexy. Why? Because that specific dress, those shoes, the new hair do I’ve wanted to try makes me comfortable and that’s when I feel sexy.

Something that helps us moms take back our sexy is confidence. I’ve found that nothing turns a man on more (at least my husband) than confidence. So what you’re 5, 10, 30 lbs over weight, if you ooze confidence and strut your stuff your man isn’t going to be able to resist. You have to feel confident in your body. Own your body. All of it. Even the parts you may hate, could be what he loves. I hate my bum, absolutely hate it. Greg absolutely loves it. So what you see as a flaw may in fact be a huge turn on for the most important person that matters, your spouse.

So, if you’re feeling down, not sexy and just horrible; go take a long hot shower. Go do your hair and makeup. Put your sexiest outfit on and own it! Then, once the kids are in bed or napping, prance around in it. Let your sexiness ooze out and take back sexy for all us moms!

Let the world know we don’t have to be stuck in mom jeans and oversized t-shirts! We can wear chic skirts, high heels and low cut clevage popping shirts! We are mom, hear us roar! RAWR!


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