Netflix raises prices…again

Oh Netflix….you’ve really done it this time.

A few months ago Netflix raised our prices. Okay, we understood. The economy sucks and they are a business. A small price hike was doable considering they were still the best deal and very convenient

Then they announced today the business killer. They’re hiking prices again. Now we’ve had Netflix since 2008 when we got married. We have had the instant streaming and 1 dvd out at a time. It started at $9.99 and went to $11.99. Not horrible.

Now, it will be TWO separate bills! $7.99 AND $9.99…we’re going to have to pay almost $18/ month.

Netflix’s unlimited streaming-only plan will remain at $7.99 a month, while its “1 DVD at a time” plan will also cost $7.99. That means customers who want both streaming and DVDs will have to shell out at least $15.98 a month.That’s a big jump from the $9.99 a month customers currently pay for a plan that offers unlimited streaming plus 1 DVD at a time.The changes will be effective immediately for new customers and will take effect September 1 for existing members, Netflix said.

That is beyond ridiculous! That is a 60% price increase! Are they insane? This is a move that will kill Netflix if they go through with it.
There are cheaper ways to watch streamed movies, shows or rent dvds/blu rays. Amaxon Prime, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster (Which will be $2 cheaper for us with the plan we have.) and Redbox are a few. They are all looking better and better.
Netflix, you have signed your own death certificate. Good job.

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