Transitioning to a stay at home mom

I’ve been in the transition from working mom to stay at home mom for the past two months. It has been rough but I love it.

Being a stay at home mom is a lot different from a working one for a load of different reasons.

One of those is that you actually have time to do things around the house. I am able to spend the time I want cleaning. Before I’d only be able to do it on my days off or really late at night. I hated it. I can’t stand messes and when I was working I had no time to do serious cleaning.

I’ve also been adjusting to spending the entire day with the kids instead of just dinner and bedtime. Which is so much nicer. It does try my nerves at times. Especially around nap time when they are whining and incorrigible. It makes for a difficult afternoon and a stressed out and irritated momma.Have you ever had two toddlers latch onto your legs, refusing to let go bellowing “MOMMA! MOMMA!” over and over again? It can cause one seriously intense migraine.

I keep Excedrin in business.

I’ve also made a schedule. That’s right, I’ve made a daily schedule. This is something I never thought I would do. In fact I laughed at moms who did do this. It’s insane to schedule your childs entire day. Right?


It is completely sane and should be done! I don’t know why it took me 3 years to start this. It makes the day go by so much smoother. A lot smoother. It’s amazing how wonderful a schedule is. Not only is it great for keeping the kids busy and doing what they should be, it also makes my cleaning a lot easier too. Instead of trying to squeeze everything in on the same day, I can spread it out over the week. Which does free up more time to spend with the kids and I’m not up till 1 am cleaning. I love it.

For a while I was feeling down about not working. There were times when I’d think I wasn’t doing anything. I was just there. But, I’ve come to realize that being a stay at home mom is a job. A hard one at that. I’ve gone on and on about the different jobs that moms do, so I won’t get into it.

I do get to sleep in a bit longer now that I don’t work outside of the home. Not by much, only an hour unless the kids had a late night. If they did then it may be 2 extra hours. Of course if they have a late night, mom had a late night.

I also have more time with Greg. I actually get to see him longer than 3 hours a day. It’s not a hi honey, good night honey anymore. We can talk, have conversations and do what married couples are supposed to do. Spend time together.

My transition is pretty much complete. I’m used to being home, taking care of the kids, doing the cooking and cleaning and I love it.



2 thoughts on “Transitioning to a stay at home mom

  1. Hello. I am just recently a stay at home mom. I have decided to stay at home for the next two years until my youngest is in school. It has been difficult so far. I am currently attending online classes to keep up with my field so that way once I enter the workforce I still have a good background behind me. I love my son, I really do, but I am at that point where it just seems like I am not contributing. I have only been at home for two weeks now and I am used to a very busy hustle and bustle lifestyle and I don’t know if I can do this. I would love to talk to another stay at home mom and just get perspective and advice on how to cope with going from business to home successfully. I did make a schedule, that was one of the first things that I did to help me feel as if I had some control of the situation. I have been looking for mommy groups out there and ways for me to get my son some social interaction with other kids. I feel like I am hurting him by pulling him out of daycare away from the socialization of other children. Advice??

    • Honestly we’ve never put our boys in daycare. There are so many mom groups, parks and other meet up groups for kids that we never needed to.

      I COMPLETELY know where you’re coming from when you say you feel like you aren’t contributing, but you are. BIG TIME!!! Imagine, if you weren’t there what on earth would happen to the house? The kids? The pets? EVERYTHING! It’d go straight to chaos. lol.

      Keeping up with school is always good, whether you’re working or not. I’m actually starting classes at Pitt in August to get my degree in English literature and writing.

      If you need help finding mommy groups let me know and depending what area you’re in, I can talk to my other mommy friends and see what I can do to set you up!

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