Battle of the t shirts

I do have clothes. I have a lot of clothes actually. Some I bought, some Greg bought and some my mom bought.

Do I wear them?

Most of the time no.

So what is it that I wear daily?

Sweat pants. Greg’s gym shorts. Greg’s t-shirts.

This has caused a huge battle in our house. Apparently since I’m…well endowed up top….I ruin his t-shirts and he doesn’t have shorts to wear because I wear them.

I don’t wear all of his shorts at once and I’ve never noticed anything wrong with his shirts when I wear them. (lol, yes that is supposed to be haha funny)

I honestly don’t se the problem with me wearing his shirts and shorts. They’re comfy. I like them. And if he really wants he can borrow my shorts or my shirts, though with how broad his shoulders are and wide his chest is, I’m not sure if he’d fit into mine quite as easily as I fit into his.

We got into a discussion last night about me wearing his clothes.

Greg: “Why do you wear my clothes?”
Me: “I don’t.”
Greg: “You’re wearing my shorts right now.”
Me: “They’re not yours anymore.”
Greg: “Since when?”
Me: “Since I discovered how comfy they are.”
Greg: “So,what am I supposed to wear?”
Me: “You have 3 more pairs of shorts. Wear those.”
Greg: “You’re wearing my shirt.”
Me: “It’s mine.”
Greg: “Since when?”
Me: “Since always. You’re not the only human being to own white t-shirts.”
Greg: “What about my Marine shirts? They’re in your drawers.”
Me: “Just one. The one I confiscated as my own.”
Greg: “Why?”
Me: “It’s comfy.”

I figure he’s lucky. I could take all of his clothes. He’s only lost a pair of shorts and a shirt or two. Which he can wear, if he wasn’t afraid of ta ta stretching.

That’s his whole argument by the way. My ta ta’s stretch his shirts out too much and since he’s bought me things there is no need for me to wear his.

What he bought me is not work out appropriate. Or that comfy. Common sense says, “Raid his drawers for comfiness.” So I did.

He’s losing the battle. I’ll keep the confiscated articles of clothing. In fact, I’m wearing the shorts right now. I could pull out the whole “But it makes me feel closer to you when I wear your things!” But…it doesn’t. I see him everyday, sleep next to him every night, how much closer do I need to be? He just knows comfy. Let me tell you jeans, skirts, high heels, tight tops, etc etc etc are not comfy. Sexy, yes. Comfy, no.

And don’t feel bad for him thinking that his evil wife has stolen all of his clothes. I haven’t. He has drawers full of t-shirts, shorts, gym pants and what not. I’m actually surprised he noticed me wearing his shorts and shirts. And I do have my own workout clothing. The problem is that it is 80+ degrees outside and at the moment all I have are pants. I have tons of pants to workout in. Running pants, yoga pants, sweat pants…just no shorts.

Does anyone else have battles of t-shirts? What does your spouse think of you wearing their clothing?


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