The Casey Anthony trial

The jury reached their verdict in the trial yesterday.

Needless to say I think about 98% of America is shocked, disgusted and has no idea why they’re such idiots.

Casey Anthony was 22 when her two-year old daughter Caylee Anthony went missing. The little girl was missing for 31 DAYS before being reported missing.

What did this “mother” do in those 31 days? She partied.

If your child is missing you do not go out partying and you most certainly do not go 31 days before reporting your toddler missing. My guys would be reported missing after 20 minutes.

It was reported the Anthony never wanted the girl and that her mother forced her to keep her. Perhaps if grandma hadn’t been so selfish this precious angel would still be alive.

During the trial Anthony made up some rather terrible lies that any one with sense would have seen through. She blamed the mechanic for stealing her daughter’s body. Then her father sexually abused her and helped to cover up her daughters drowning. Why would you have to cover up an accident? And if it were an accident why was there duct tape over the girl’s mouth, nose and then one more over the two of those?

Then comes the nanny name Zanny. o_O Really?

It seemed as though the prosecution hit it out of the park.

The jury was a bunch of morons and only found Anthony guilty of lying to police officials.

There was no justice yesterday and a cold-blooded murderer got away with killing an innocent child.

The worst part is the Anthony family will most likely profit from this. They will be interviewed, books written and movies made. I will not buy or watch anything that has to do with that horrible family. How do grandparents not realize their granddaughter is missing when she lives with them!!! If my mother didn’t at least hear my boys in the background when we talk she’d be driving to our house to find out why.

I’m still flabbergasted how anyone can be so callous and not emotional hearing and rehearing about the death of a child whether it’s theirs or not. I cried. I’ll admit it, when I read news stories from the trial and what that poor baby went through I cried.


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