Pulling something naughty out in public

I’ve noticed this unfortunate trend happening more and more. Even I’m guilty of it at times.

There are so many people who don’t find anything wrong with just whipping it out and playing with it.

I’m not talking about what you think I am.

What I’m talking about is cell phones.

A few months ago Greg and I went out for our anniversary (when you have kids you’re lucky to get a handful of nights out alone) and went to Olive Garden. As we sat there sipping our margarita’s and just talking I couldn’t help but notice this girl, no older than 17, sitting at a table with her family texting. She’d giggle and her fingers would be flying over the keyboard. Any time someone at the table would ask her a question she’d roll her eyes and ignore them. One of those people was an elderly woman, I’m guessing that was grandma, who was apparently celebrating her birthday. The sadness of the granny’s face was heart wrenching.

That spoiled brat completely ignored granny for her phone. I bit my tongue and continued to enjoy our drinks and our newly arrived appetizer. We kept talking, laughing and just enjoying each other. It was nice and so relaxing. Another young couple was seated near us a few minutes later. They both looked to be about our age and what happened as soon as they sat down?

Out came the cell phones. I’m not sure they even talked to each other. Greg and I were finishing our appetizer and ordering our second round of drinks. We were laughing and having a nice time. (This was the first time in nearly a year we’d be out to dinner child free) Apparently we were being too noisy for texting couple because girl texter gave me quite the nasty look. I ignored her and kept on laughing.

When did it become acceptable for people to ignore those around them to stay glued to their phones? You can’t take a break for an hour to enjoy the company of those around you?

I can understand a doctor keeping his phone on or a nurse. But if you’re a business man or just someone who’s addicted, put the phone away for a bit. Turn it off and enjoy reality. Enjoy your evening with your family. I’m sure your wife and kids would love to hear what you have to say, without your iPhone glued to your ear. And don’t worry Angry Birds isn’t going to disappear over dinner. It’ll be there when you get home.

Jenny telling you that Johnny is talking to Suzzy who knew you just so totally like Johnny can wait. Pay attention to granny, your boyfriend or just have some common courtesy.

I’ve read in the news lately about so many people who are getting kicked off trains for being obnoxious on their phones. You don’t want kicked off? Stop swearing loudly, talking and being an ignorant asshole then. It’s not going to kill you to just enjoy your surroundings. Take a book, your kindle/nook/iPad, your iPod or talk to whomever you’re sitting next to.

It won’t hurt you. I promise.


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