Teen drinking

This is a bit of a controversial topic that many people tend to steer away from.

I’m going head on baby!

Teen drinking is bad. Period.

I will admit I had my first drink when I was 16. A lot of first drinks. Let’s just say it was one of the main reasons I didn’t really begin to drink until I was almost 20. It was the first and only time I ever had a hang over as well. I honestly believe my mother let me so I learned a lesson. I was with her, never drove and barfed my guts out.

There are parents out there who want to be the “cool” moms/dads and let their kids and their friends drink it up.

I just saw a story on the news where a woman is in court for providing a keg of beer for her sons graduation party. 2 of the kids (not hers) were drinking. They and a girl left the party, none of them made it home alive.

I’ll be a good mom and say, just say no. Let them say you’re a horrible parent, you’re ruining their lives and you’re just so totally uncool. Is it worth risking their lives or the lives of their friends to seem “cool”?

I’m going to have to be one of those just totally uncool moms and not let my boys drink until they’re of age. I won’t be letting their friends drink at my house either. And you know what…I don’t care how lame it is or how I did it when I was a kid or how I should let them make their own mistakes.

There are some mistakes you don’t walk away from and it is my job to protect them. Even if it is from making a mistake as little as drinking early.

It’s a senseless and pointless death when a teenager dies due to drinking and driving. And if you are one of those parents who wants to be cool and liked by a bunch of kids, let me ask you something, what will you do when your childs friends leave your home/party/event and don’t make it back to their homes/ parents alive? What if it were your child that was allowed to drink at someone else’s home and ends up wrapping their car around a tree?

Would it still be worth being the cool mom/dad then? It’s a macabre thing to think about, but it’s reality. You’ll end up with one of a few things.

1. Your child dead

2. One or more of your child’s friends dead

3. You’ll be in jail

4. A pregnant teenager (that will be an entirely different post.)

I just wish some parents would realize that there is more at stake than being their child’s friend. Remember parents, you’re not their friend, you are the parent!

Don’t think about what your parents did and did not let you do as a teenager.

Were they strict? Gave you a curfew? Didn’t let you smoke/drink/do drugs or have sex? Made you do your homework and graduate?

Well they did that for a reason. To keep you safe. Think. Use the brain that God (whichever one yours might be or higher being, or whatever you believe in.) gave you. Keep your child safe. They made you graduate from high school because they love you. It’s nearly impossible to do anything in life without at least a high school diploma.

Were your parents the laid back kind? Did they let you date early? Didn’t care if you had sex or not? Let you drink/smoke/do drugs? Let you drop out?
Don’t be like that. DO NOT BE LIKE THAT! That is bad. Giving in and caving to a child’s every whim will let them know you’re weak and will let them do whatever they want. Don’t do that. Stand your ground.

But don’t be so strict they are afraid to fart in your presence. Kids are fun as well. There are things you can do with your children that can be wholesome and fun for the entire family. You can throw a party alcohol free and it still be fun. You don’t need a bunch of drunk teenagers to have been a success.

Remember that. You are the parent. What you say is the law under your roof. Your home is a momatorship. You are momator and that is all they need to know. (Yes, that is supposed to entice a few giggles)

Seriously though, I hate the touchy, feely, let the kid do what they want parenting advice. When I give my reason as “Because I say so.” That IS good enough. Why? Because I said so damn it! I am mom. I am law. Greg, he’s my deputy. He enforces the laws I set forth. If the children do not like my laws (rules), once they turn 18 they are more than welcome to get their own home. I don’t have to explain my actions and why I tell them to do things. All they have to know is because I said so. That’s why.



2 thoughts on “Teen drinking

  1. What’s it matter if a teenager drinks? If THEYRE parents give them permission who cares? What’s it gonna hurt? Why get in other peopls buzinass?

    • Did you just not read the post?

      I stated my reasons for why underage drinking is bad, aside from the fact that it is illegal. Whether the child’s parents give them permission or not, it is still illegal. Meaning, against the law. Those adults can be prosecuted and sent to prison. And it can hurt a lot. It can hurt that child, many kids have died from alcohol poisoning or wrecking vehicles.

      I’m not getting into people’s business. I’m stating my opinion and reasons why it’s wrong. It damaging to health and those who begin to drink under the age of it’s either 17 or 16 are 10 x’s more likely to become alcoholics when they are adults.

      Whether teenagers want to admit it or not, they are children. Kids. Even at 18 you’re still a kid. Yes, I thought I knew everything when I was a teenager and boy was I WRONG!!!! I didn’t know shit and neither do they now. Some may be more mature or book smart than some but that doesn’t mean they can drink, smoke, do drugs or are ready for the responsibilities that adults (in my eyes an adult/grown up/older person is 21+) take on. Some do it, but is that fair to them to have to grow up so fast? I know that some have no choice but drinking is one of them. You don’t have to drink and you can say no.

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