Pen news

Well, this is some Pens news as of 6/30 @ 11:34 am est.

The Pens have resigned Arron Asham for a 1 year, $775k deal.

Pascal Dupuis and Craig Adams were also resigned. Max Talbot though is still up in the air. There have been rumors that his trading rights were given to the Leafs, but it’s unsure if that is true or not.

And the big news, Jaromir Jagr. What is his fate?

Well, nobody knows.

He was supposed to land at JFK yesterday afternoon and announce his decision last night. He never showed up and supposedly nobody knew where he was.

Well, he landed today and once again is supposed to announce where he wants to go by the end of today.

We’ll see if that actually happens.

Update 1:46 pm est:

Jaromir Jagr’s agent has finally spoken!

Jagr plans on making his decision tonight.

“We are going to exchange some things,” Svoboda said, adding that he would also speak with Detroit and Montreal about Jagr.

“This is obviously a tough decision for Jaromir. His heart is in Pittsburgh.”

Sounds positive, so fingers crossed.
I’m still concerned about Jagr’s ego. Will it ruin the locker room again? It would only be for a year, but is that enough time for his ego to run rampant?
Or is he a changed man? Only time will tell. Pittsburghers everywhere are still on #Jagrwatch!

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