Chomp, chomp, chomp goes the toddler

We have entered a new thing with one of our boys.

It’s something I was hoping we wouldn’t have run into, but we have. It’s common and plagues millions of moms and dads out there.

Eli has started biting. He was mad at Brett and chomped down on his shoulder. It left a pretty nasty mark and oh boy did I speak my mind loudly.

I posted on my facebook about it and what others did when their monster angel started biting.

I got a few really good ideas I may have to try.

The first was biting them back. I never would have thought that biting my boy after he bit his brother would be a good idea or work, but maybe it will.

The second was time out. We’ve tried time outs before and they rarely work out for us. For whatever reason ours stand in the corner, serve the time out and then go right back to what they were doing. Mine are definitely weird boys.

The third was washing their mouth out with soap. My mom never did that too me and when I think of washing their mouths out with soap, I think of soap…poisoning! (If you’ve seen A Christmas Story you would get the soap poisoning thing…) I kind of giggled seeing my little boy sitting on a toilet with a bar of red soap in his mouth and I can see myself putting it into my mouth afterward as well. The kids aren’t the only weird ones in the house.

I’m hoping one of the three will work because I don’t want a biter. If he keeps it up and ends up biting someone who is not his brother, I could see us having real issues. And my boys, both of them, are good boys. Eli just gets a little mad and seems to take it out on his poor brother.

Which is something I know an older set of twins, *cough cough J.T and Billy cough, cough*, that do. Even now when they’re 17.

I am nervous about the biting. Even though I suppose it could be…no wait he does beat up his brother too. He can tackle like a pro and he’s not even 3 yet. Yesterday, for example, we were all in the living room and Eli gets up walks over to his brother and just tackles him to the ground. Then he sat on Brett’s head. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a girl or two.

Are they nicer to one another? Is it all tea, dolls and dresses? Surely girls don’t tackle each other and throw each other across the room and roll around like wild animals. I don’t remember ever doing that. Of course I didn’t wear dresses and drink tea either. (Unless I was at Grammy’s house.) I was more of the tom boy. Rolling around in dirt and mud and I’d rather play sports than with dolls. That could be why I wasn’t all that popular in school. I didn’t act like a girl.

Can I survive another 15 years of boys?

Oh and Greg has caught the baby bug. Every night for the past week all I’ve heard is, “Let’s have another baby. I want a daughter.”



2 thoughts on “Chomp, chomp, chomp goes the toddler

  1. If I remember, sisters don’t tackle each other. They just fight over whatever particular toy/thing they want and end up hitting each other. Repeatedly. And possibly pouting and storming off.
    At least that’s how it was for me and Jamie.

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