Jagr signing with the Pens?

Well, I don’t hold twitter as a very reliable source.


Stan Savran, a hockey legend here in Pittsburgh, reported that a Russian newspaper has reported that Jaromir Jagr is accepting the 1 year, 1.4 million dollar contract that Ray Shero has offered him.

He’s not due to land in New York until 4:00 pm est and is supposed to announce his decision then.

Update 3:30 pm est:

Jagr’s agent, Petr Svoboda has quashed those rumors.

“None of the rumors are true,” he said. “He hasn’t signed with anyone yet.”

A Russian online source is responsible for the leak that Jagr did decide; however, he has not yet. He will make his decision today though. Th Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens are still interested in having Jagr finish out his hockey career with them, but I still think he should finish off with us. Even if the Pens don’t offer him the most money, they have the most talent and who knows, they could get him one final cup before he hangs up his skates.
Jagr is expect to make his decision within an hour of landing in the states and subsequently flying out to either Pittsburgh, Detroit or Montreal.

I’ll update once I get my hands on the article.

Update 5:00 pm est:
Jaromir Jagr’s plane still hasn’t landed. It was supposed to be here and his decision announced by now.

I’m going insane waiting!

Update 5:54 pm est:
The reason Jagr hasn’t landed yet? There are TURTLES on the runway…no planes can land. o_0 Follow the #Jagrwatch on Twitter!

Final update for 6/29 @ 11:42 pm est:

While watching Channel 11 news it was announced that neither the Pens NOR his agent know where Jaromir Jagr is.

How do you lose a hockey player? Is that even possible?


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