How did you know?

This is something I never know how to answer. In fact, I dread this question at times.

How do you explain the feeling of love and how you knew it when you did?

I’m a strong believer in you can’t describe love in words. It’s a feeling and when you know, you know.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with Greg or when I knew I’d be spending the rest of my life with him, but when he was ready to propose I was read to say yes. (It could have something to do with his Marine uniforms. He was so unbelievably gorgeous in his uniforms…I’m kidding. I love him for more than the sexy Marine uniforms)

Some women may marry their men for their dogtags (tag chasers and most of them are…not good women), for their bank accounts or for the social status. These women give those of us who really do love our husbands a bad name. We’re not all miserable excuses for wives.

I’d like to think most of us who do marry, marry for love. Even though with the divorce rate being 60% it’s not looking that way. I like to think that is due to the crazy couples who get married after a week, month or two months of knowing each other and don’t really know what they are getting into. I’m not saying that some of those couples don’t make it. Statistically speaking, they don’t. Some, can and do. If they do make it, love each other and are happy then all the more power to them. I’m also not saying that a couple who has been together for 8 years doesn’t have their issues. If it takes your boyfriend 8 years to propose…well I would have said see ya after 3 years.

Greg and I have been together going on 6 years, 3 of those married. We have just as many problems as the next couple, but I love him.

Even during fights when I really do just want to say, “I quit! I give up!” He doesn’t let me and I do come to my senses. Why? Because even when we…um…speak our minds loudly…we love each other. I honestly don’t know if I can see my life without him. I’ve never thought of life without him. He’s truly my rock when I’m weak. Which lately has been a lot.

So we don’t go out partying it up every weekend. I don’t need that. I am more than happy to sit on the couch with him sipping at a drink and watching The Cosby Show. When the kids have me at the end of my rope, he steps in and saves the children from mother turning into the little girl from poltergeist whose head spun around on her shoulders while she spewed pea soup.

I feel like that right now actually. When you mix sleep deprivation, hunger and stress…you’ll turn into a wild-eyed monster.

There was also never a day when I doubted my love for my husband. Did I question “us”? Yes, I think at some point in time everybody does. It’s only natural, but I never doubted our love for one another.

I must go turn into that head spinning and pea spewing person for a moment while my children do not listen to me.

If you question if you love your spouse, you don’t love them. If you question the relationship, the two of you or anything along those lines, don’t worry, it happens to us all.  Not every relationship is 100% perfect 100% of the time. Everybody fights, argues and says naughty things. And at times you may speak your minds very loudly, that doesn’t mean you don’t love one another.


2 thoughts on “How did you know?

  1. Why can’t you put it into words? Shouldn’t somebody who writes be able to describe something as simple as love?

    • Because love isn’t simple. It’s very complex and I don’t believe there is a way to describe love in words, aside from the dictionaries definition for it. Which isn’t what love is.

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