Exciting Penguin news!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t think I’d be posting anything new until at least July 1 when Jagr will be a free agent officially; however, we have news already!!!

Ray Shero, the Pittsburgh Penguins general manager, has put an offer in!

It’s for 1 year and he has refused to discuss the financial end.

Who cares what he’s getting paid. It’s Jaromir Jagr and oh boy the things he can do with the Pens!!!!!!! He’d be great with Crosby and Kovalev!

“We feel from the information we have and after seeing at world championships, that he’s a guy who might be able to help us this coming season,” Shero said. “We feel he’s a guy who could help us this year, and retire as a Penguin.”

The only two other teams who are showing any real interest are the Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens.

Jagr’s agent hasn’t said anything yet, but Shero is certain Wednesday is the day he’ll chose.

I can’t wait to hear Jagr’s choice!


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