Was it worth everything?

While I’m sitting here waiting for my family to wake up from their naps, I can’t help but think about life.

I honestly did not see it being like this.

I never thought I’d be married. I wanted to be, but never thought I would be. I wasn’t the pretty, gorgeous or desirable girl in school. I was dorky, fat and had braces. It didn’t help that there was a certain adult who was a complete asshole towards me and made me feel uglier and fatter than I probably was.

But I did. I got married.

I found a man, well, he was a boy when we met all those years ago, that actually loved me. His name? Greg.

I wasn’t entirely surprised when he proposed, but then again I was shocked that someone wanted to marry ME!

As time went on we had our ups and downs that every couple has; obviously not that bad of downs since we’ve been married over 3 years, we got married and our boys were born. Life changed drastically.

I’ve been asked if it were worth it. Was getting married, having kids and settling down worth losing a carefree life.

It was. It was more than worth it. Being a wife and mother is a completely different adventure than I ever imagined it to be. I’ve also learned that being a wife and mother is not easy. It’s far from easy and should not be taken lightly when you decide to do it. Once you’re married there is no “breaking up”. You have to go through an expensive divorce. Once you have kids, that’s it, you’re a mom until the day you die. That child will depend on you for everything.

I love it.

I love having a husband and children. I love being a wife and mother. It’s a wonderful, amazing and fulfilling thing to do. I have 3 people who love me unconditionally sleeping away upstairs. And 3 people who I love unconditionally.

Do I regret making that life changing move?

No, not for a moment. Getting married and having my precious boys was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Granted Greg and I are not an average couple. We’re snarky and sarcastic. But it works for us. It’s who we are and I don’t see it changing. Which is fine, I love him for who he is even when he can’t admit when I’m right. Which is all the time.

So, what am I trying to say? Don’t regret your decisions. Don’t take marriage and kids lightly. They are an amazing adventure and don’t talk shit on someone who did chose that life instead of partying and drinking every night. Not everybody has such low standards for themselves.


4 thoughts on “Was it worth everything?

  1. How is giving up your life worth anything? Now you have to sit at home with a bunch of whiny kids while your husband is out with other women.

    • First, being able to stay home with my kids is great. I don’t miss a thing. I’m not a huge partier and it doesn’t bother me to stay home. I didn’t give up my life, I just started it.

      Second, my husband isn’t out with other women. He doesn’t cheat and he’s a great dad. So please don’t presume to know somebody you don’t.

  2. I almost cried reading this! I’ve been asked numerous times if I regret how my life is now and everytime I always say I would never change it for anything. My kids may work my nerves at times and my husband may annoy me or make me mad but that never means that I don’t love them or don’t want them. You are such an awesome person and your husband is a very lucky man!

    • I’m asked it all the time. And every time they ask it’s the same thing, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

      My kids drive me insane and I may banish them to their bedroom and playroom for nap time everyday, they’re still mine and I love them to pieces. Greg may drive me insane and make me want to pull my hair out or just start screaming but he’s mine and I love him.

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