The Knot

Greg and I are renewing our vows in 2 years.
June 29, 2013.

Hopefully the world doesn’t end before then.

I have been using the Knot to help me with ideas and finally decided to post something on the community boards.

I won’t be going back.

The site itself is amazing. It has great ideas, vendors, dresses, flowers, cakes and everything else.

The other women who are on their ruin the entire site.

After posting my question I was lectured on vow renewal etiquette and how what I’m doing is “weird”.

We’re having a large ceremony and reception with all of our friends and family who were and weren’t at the original wedding. We’re not asking for presents, money or any help. We’re doing this. Yes, I do want bridesmaids and a maid of honor, flower girl and ring bearer. Am I asking them to dish out hundreds of dollars for parties? No. In fact, I’ll even be offering to pay for their dresses if they can’t afford them.

I am recommending to any bride who’s planning a wedding…DO NOT USE THE KNOT FOR COMMUNITY BOARDS!!!

I’m not going to say anything bad about the entire site because, like I said, it is very helpful. But, after my experience I won’t be going back.



4 thoughts on “The Knot

    • You may think it’s dumb, but it’s what we want to do. We’re not hurting anybody by spending our money on something for us. All we ask is for our friends and family to show up and have fun. We want to include everybody who wasn’t able to join us the first time around.

    • They have to be the rudest people I’ve had the misfortune of encountering. It’s no wonder that nobody except 4 or 5 regulars post there. I’m just hoping the people who run the site notice it and do something otherwise the Knot is going to fail miserably.

      I did take a look at the nest. I did like the ideas for homes, which we’re planning on doing soon, I hope. lol. I may have to steal a few for my house.

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