Slang words…wtf?

Perhaps it’s because of my love for writing that I bothered paying attention in English class.

Or maybe because my mother made me do my homework and I actually learned.

But, what is wrong with today’s youth?

I was reading a post by a boy, I believe he’s in his late teens, and I’m not sure I understood a word he wrote.

What is the fascination with teenagers and others who simply lack the mental capacity to comprehend the language they’re supposed to understand, to use slang? Even when they write?


I’ll show you an example of what I mean:

I seed dis fine azz huny n wuz lyke wtf, dat biatch wuz ttlly hot n i wuz all lyke dayum gurl what u doin. Shit man that biatch wuz all dat and i axed her if she wan 2 go 2 ma crib so i culd ttlly tap dat ass. I lyke to smoke up da house n shit.

I saw something similar to that and well, o_0 <– That is about all I can type to sum up what I was thinking.

I’m going to attempt to translate that to English.

I saw an extremely attractive young woman whom I approached and asked what she was doing. My friend, that girl was so beautiful and I asked if she would like to accompany me to my house so that we may get to know each other better. I like to participate in illegal activities and other things.

I think that’s what that translates to. I can’t be entirely sure. Either way, if his mother sees that, I hope she smacks him and hauls him off to the closest Sylvan Institute for serious help.

Another thing that puzzles and irritates me is the abbreviations or “text” slang.

Examples of those are:

I’ll put what first pops in my head when I see them, then what they actually mean.
WTF – Where’s the fridge – What the f*ck

SMH – Smell My Hand – Shaking My Head

HMU – Humans Must Understand – Hit Me Up
TTYL – Tuesday Tacos Yield Losers – Talk To You Later

a$$ – I’m an idiot who can’t use two s’s – ass

LMAO – Let My Apple off – Laugh My Ass Off

LOL – Losers On Line- Laughing Out Loud

Those are just a few.

I hate slang and the way 90% of people speak. If you can’t speak like a normal human being, don’t talk. Or write. Please, for the sake of all those who can speak and write properly, don’t. You are the reason we get migraines and have to take tylenol. If you see someone rubbing their temples while you are speaking, chances are it’s because of what’s coming out of your mouth.


2 thoughts on “Slang words…wtf?

    • When that person is polluting the air I share with their God awful speaking or I have to try and decipher it to know what they are saying is when I can say something.

      It’s a shame and an insult to teachers (which I am not, but do know a lot of) everywhere to see a person speaking and writing like that.

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