Sick days

I remember these from when I was a kid in school and when I was working before the kids.

If I’m correct sick days are when you actually get to stay in bed and get better. As a mother (or father sometimes) you don’t get sick days.

What do we get?

To down insane amounts of Dayquil and Tylenol and go about our days. We don’t get to stay in bed and sleep and feel better. We have to continue taking care of the house, the kids and doing what the day demands be done. The world may stop for kids and other people when they’re sick, but not for us.

Take right now for instance, I’m sick. My stomach is killing me, sore throat, the migraine from hell and an achy body. What am I doing today? Taking care of the kids. Am I slacking a bit on the housework?

A little bit yes but I’m still doing what I have to. Which is making sure my family is well cared for, they’re not sick and things are done.

I would love to stay in bed all day just sleeping. But, that’s not going to happen.

I have heard of some mothers/fathers who do just stay in bed all day and ignore their families…I wish I could do that. However, seeing as how I am mom and I have momma’s boys, that’s not gonna happen.

Now, there are times when Greg does tell me to go back to bed, relax, sit down and blah blah blah. Which is nice and occasionally I take him up one it, if I don’t have a ton of things to do. Today, is one of those days when I just have too much to do. I still have to sweep the floors and rescrub my 2nd floor carpets because my dear dog doesn’t know how to stop peeing on my floor. (Yes, she is potty trained.)

So, let’s recap.

Sick days, they don’t apply to moms. Or whoever the primary care giver is.

We don’t get to stay in bed and get better. We have to continue with our housework and mothering. We must continue taking our children to practices, lessons, school, play groups or whatever it is our precious monsters angels do.

We must continue to clean our houses. This is a must. At least for me. I’m completely OCD when it comes to messes. I’m told by just about everybody, especially Greg and my mother. I like things being their places, I like my house clean. Especially the kitchen and bathroom. Those are biggest pet peeves…a dirty kitchen or bathroom. I don’t know how someone can go to bed with a dirty kitchen or bathroom. I haven’t always been a clean freak. There was a point and time, when I was a kid, that I just didn’t care.

I do now.

I even keep the kid’s bedroom and playroom organized. It’s hard and requires chasing after them until bedtime picking up. It’s a bit redundant until they do go to sleep but…I’m crazy like that.

This is all done regardless of feeling alright or like you’re about to die. I’m somewhere in between today. Hopefully I’ll feel 100% tomorrow.

If you’re sick, drink up the Dayquil and feel better.

So if you’re not a mom or dad who does what moms do, don’t complain about being sick. We don’t want to hear it. Until you go through what we do or you’re dying, literally, suck it up. For mothers who do work, at least you can take a sick day from work. Not the kids, but from work.


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