What do I do with them??

If you haven’t guessed yet, I have twin boys. It’s frustrating and time-consuming. There are days when they have me at the end of my rope and I wanna scream.

So, on days like that what do I do?There are a few things I want to do. I wouldn’t mind shipping them off to the grandparents house from now until they’re 25 and normal people. Most days this is a very appealing idea.

Today is one of those days. Yesterday was one of those days as well. Unfortunately, the grandparents didn’t take them. So I did the next logical thing…gave them their bath and put them to bed.

What time was this? 8 pm.

I’ve had people ask me, “When they drive you nuts, what do you do with them.”

Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s what their bedroom is for. Yup, I stick them in their room with a movie and some toys.

What do I do when they are banished to their room? I write.

How long do I banish them? Either until I am less stressed, to the end of 2 glasses of wine OR if they fall asleep, when they wake up from their nap.

Banishment to a child’s bedroom can be a great thing for parents. I’m not saying banish them for hours at a time…an hour tops if you’re extremely stressed. Just enough time for you to destress.

You may be saying to yourself, “But Heather, isn’t that mean?”

Well, it’s better than having a complete meltdown. I’ve experienced those once or twice. It’s when the veins in your neck and head start throbbing, your face turns red and you start speaking in a low and menacing tone. This entices one of two things. Either extreme laughter or extreme fear.

Sometimes both.

Mine start off laughing and when my head starts spinning then they are afraid and quietly go to their room without me asking. I then drink a glass of wine and relax.

It’s okay to banish them to their room for a bit. It’s okay to have that glass of wine and ignore the entire world for a few minutes. Sometimes, we need it. I can tell you that today, even with a banishment I’m anxiously awaiting bedtime.

Perhaps it’s the heat, the non stop whining and crying or a combination of the three…but…I can’t wait for bedtime!


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