The movie arguement

After the kids go to bed is when most parents have the opportunity to watch movies.

Right now we have that opportunity.

It’s always a battle with us and takes at least 20 minutes to pick a movie that we both agree on. Usually one of us has to cave in to the other.

We have a Blu-ray cabinet and Netflix. That makes movie selection a huge pain in the ass.

Right now we’re arguing over movies and Netflix.

This is a battle that could go on forever, and probably will. If all else fails, men, just do the smart thing and cave in to us women. You know you won’t win the fight so just make it easy on yourself and save a “look” from coming your way.

After we spent 15 minutes going through every single one of our Blu-rays’ and me saying yes, him saying no. Me saying no, him saying yes, we finally came to a mutual agreement. Back to the Future.

He’s sleeping. I don’t really feel like watching this movie. I think I did more caving than he did, especially since he loves the movies. I made an exception today, I’ve been more willing to agree than most days, it is Father’s Day after all. Well, was. It’s after midnight.

If agreeing with your boyfriend/girlfriend is an issue for you and you really can’t make any compromises, rethink marriage. If you can’t even agree on movies how are you going to agree on important things like finances, children, schooling for the kids, work and where you’re going to live?

Movies should be easy and not lead to a fight or whining…even if it takes you 20 minutes to pick out that movie. It’s that whole compromise thing I talked about in one of my previous posts. We all do it. We have to in order to keep marriages going well and happy. Things won’t always go your way. Don’t expect them to. And if you do, and they don’t and you act like an immature child, well, it’s about time you grow up and realize life just is not fair. (Sorry to be so blunt)

If you’re the one who always compromises…perhaps it’s time to put your foot down and tell your spouse NO. There is a difference between always demanding to have everything your way and being to giving. Sometimes having what you want isn’t bad. Just don’t be a stingy bitch/asshole. I’ve seen those. They suck the life out of their spouse, children and everyone they come into contact with. Oh and are just miserable to be around. They can clear out a room with one sigh, end a party with one whine and I like to refer to them as fun suckers. I’ll post more on fun, soul and life suckers later.

I enjoy watching movies with my husband. Even if we don’t really “watch” them together. He usually sits in his chair on his laptop while I’m on the couch either sleeping or writing. Yes, there are times we do actually stop working and just watch a movie together…which leads to an immense amount of sarcasm and snarky remarks. From the both of us. He’s just as guilty as I am. Tonight though, he’s the one sleeping. I’m just sick and can’t sleep. And I didn’t do dishes from our cookout yet. I may save that sink full for the morning. One night of dirty dishes won’t completely kill me. And it’s just pots…not a ton of things. Yeah, I’ll just save it for tomorrow.

So the moral of today’s blog? Compromise on movies and enjoy one together. Make some popcorn and create a semi-date night.




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