Father’s Day

Today, we are having a cookout.

In order to celebrate with both of our fathers we are having a small cookout…with 14 people. o_0

It started out with 7 of us and just kind of grew from there. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but that’s how it usually goes. Either we invite a ton of people and 3 people show up or we invite a few and 200000 show up.

New Years was so bad (we invited 30…5 showed up) that is why I’m no longer throwing parties. Our vow renewal ceremony and reception will be the next party I throw. I absolutely refuse to throw parties anymore.

So, the cookout today. All the parents, most of the siblings and my nephew (yes, my nephew is spending the day with us…not with his father. How does that work? Go ask my¬† brother because…well…I’ll keep opinions on that to myself.)

I am excited to see all the parents. Like I’ve stated before I don’t differentiate between my parents and Greg’s. His parents are my parents now and I love them to pieces. I really got lucky in the in-law department. They’re just awesome. So is Na-na. (Greg’s grandma) They are just the sweetest nicest people and as far as I know they like me.

But, Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there. Relax and enjoy all your kiddos.


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