The perky housewife

I was reading a blog today by another housewife, yup, I read other blogs.

She inspired today’s blog.

I am not an overly perky, happy housewife. I don’t wear the 1950’s flowered dress, high heels and perfect hair and make-up everyday. Some days Greg is lucky if I make it to the shower.

This perky housewife went on and on and on and on about her precious little Betty Sue and John Boy. Giggle, giggle about what Fluffy did yesterday and how she just about ruined dinner by burning the meatloaf! *Gasp* Say it ain’t so!

I’m not that wife or mother. I am fluent in sarcasm, pony tails and wearing sweats. Oh, and I don’t burn my meatloafs.

Does that mean I’m less of a mother or wife than super perky housewife? Nope. I like to think I’m a more entertaining one.

I don’t go running to my husbands every beck and call. He usually gets a response of “Are your arms/legs broken? No? Then do it yourself.” That’s not saying if I’m not doing/getting something I don’t ask him if he would like me to do something or get him something, but I’m not a house servant. I’m a housewife.

I also don’t skip around humming a merry tune. I’m more likely to shuffle my feet and blast the Goo Goo Dolls or Red Hot Chili Peppers. What? That’s not what a good housewife does? : O I do.

Are you that perky, happy house wife who hums a happy tune while teaching your 2-year-old physics and preparing a 4 course meal for your husband? Well, all the more power to you.

I’m still struggling with words and sentence structure with mine.

I’m snarky, talk back and love to argue with my husband. I refuse to admit when I’m wrong, because I’m never wrong.

Oh,  and secretly, I enjoy watching Spongebob with the kids.

This perky housewife went on to describe how she loves catering to her husbands every whim. I barfed a little in my mouth. She would be the poster woman for the Good Housewife rules and guidelines from 1955.

Me, not so much.

So, stop being quite so perky and happy. Read up on sarcasm and try it out. You may like it.  Play your radio too loud and learn to use a timer for your meatloaf. Drop the dress and high heels for a comfy pair of sweats and slippers. Hey that perfect coiffe you’re sporting? How about a pony tail and head band? Take out the contacts and put on your glasses.

Yeah, that’s right. Be a bit lazy in dress and relax. You’ll feel better.


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