My day today

Okay, let’s discuss my day today.

I don’t have normal days, never can I have a normal day.

When I woke up at 9 am like usual and went to get the kids I should have known then that it wasn’t going to be a normal day, they were still sleeping.

Eli woke up first, another red flag that things weren’t going to go my way. Brett is always the first one up. Eli would probably sleep forever if it weren’t for Brett.

Eli’s nose was red and just gross. He was sick. Still is.

I looked at Brett and his nose was red and runny.

Great. Leave it to my kids to get sick in the middle of June.

After getting Eli situated on the couch with his cocoa krispies and OJ I went about my housework. Brett wakes up and is a little sickly zombie. Medication, cocoa krispies and oj later, they are asleep.

Greg wakes up, he’s sick. o_0

Well, I spent my day cleaning, cooking for sickly people and doing my thing.

Everybody is cranky, tired, sick, sneezing, coughing and has red noses. For once in my life I’m the one who isn’t sick. Aside from the animals, or so I thought.

Between washing dishes, clothes, cleaning bathrooms and wiping noses of course I had to argue with my sick husband. Well, more like he argued with me. About everything.

When don’t men argue with their wives? And why does it get worse when they’re sick? Would anybody really blame me for feeding his super special chocolate laxative brownies? We do have 2 bathrooms.

So, let’s sum up my day from 9 am until 9 pm when the kids went to bed. Clean, wipe noses and cook while arguing with my husband.

Kids go to bed, I go downstairs to relax for a few minutes and do my workout. (Which my thighs, but, arms and calves still hurt) As I’m getting showered my deliriously sick husband stumbles into the bathroom and says, “What’s wrong”

I peek around the shower curtain and just stare at him.

He stares back.

I say, “Um…nothing?”

He says, “What happened?”

I am beyond confused.

He stares at me.

I say, “Um, nothing?”

He takes me out of the shower, hair soapy, dripping in my eyes and stinging my eye balls.

The wall going up the stairs is splattered with some sort of…substance. I go up the stairs to the second floor, there are piles of more substance and hairballs trailing to a bedroom. My bedroom.

Do you know what my cat did? Puked little piles of cat food, because she’s a fat ass and gorged herself, from my bedroom!!!!, to the hallway and into the weight room. Now that splatter on the wall on the stairs, apparently is from her. She hung her head over the railing and projectile vomited on the wall.

I didn’t know cats could do that.

Mine can.

We spent 20 minutes cleaning up hairballs, cat puke and cat projective puke.



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