The man clean and what really is clean

For those of you who are married or are living with your partner, you know what I’m talking about.

It’s the man version of clean versus what really is clean. They are two completely different things and even after being married for 3 years I have no idea why.

You know what I’m talking about. You ask your husband/boyfriend/fiancée to clean out his dresser/nightstand/man cave/bathroom/kitchen. Simple tasks that really aren’t that difficult. When you ask for the dresser to be cleaned…that means actually folding clothes and making sure they’re clean, cleaning off the top of it and dusting. A task that should take 30 minutes. When you go to see if it was done, usually it’s worse and you end up doing it yourself.

Cleaning the nightstand wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t collect so much crap. Why do men need all that stuff in their nightstand? Do they really need screws, screw drivers and receipts from 3 years ago in there? When you ask a man to do this you usually expect dirty plates/bowls or cups to be taken to the kitchen. Old receipts and papers thrown out. Oh, and the top dusted. What happens? Usually nothing and you end up doing it yourself.

The Man Cave. Well, it is called a Man Cave for a reason. I just let Greg do his man cleaning in there and I don’t go in. It’s a womans worst nightmare. I’m not sure what he plans on doing with it when we move. All I know, that is his. All his. I did attempt to clean it once. Ten minutes in, I evacuated. I just couldn’t seem to make a dent. There’s so much crap back there.

The bathroom and kitchen are kinda big ones that will either get you a look or whining and pussyfooting around all day. If you do get your husband to do it, you usually have to go back and redo what he did. This will entice grumblings about his cleaning and more whining about why you couldn’t just do it in the first place. I’ve just started doing it myself. I know it’ll get done and will be done how I like.
Man clean versus really clean is an amazing thing. I just don’t understand  that when a man just lightly wipes a dry rag over something sticky, which doesn’t do anything, it’s considered clean.

I think maybe they do it so that the next time it needs done, we won’t ask them.

I don’t ask Greg.


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