More to do this summer….

As a continuation from my last what is there to do post….

Here is some more to do in Pittsburgh.

Seeing as how it’s the middle of June, our amusement parks are going full swing.

The first of these is probably our most famous. It has been featured in amusement park tv shows, books and was the theme park in the movie Adventureland. (I didn’t like the movie that much, but watched it because it was based in Pittsburgh.)

If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s Kennywood.

Granted, it’s no Cedarpoint, but it’s ours and it’s great. I’ve been going to Kennywood since I was a tyke. My husband and I are now planning our boys first Kennywood trip.

I remember way back in the day, before the teenagers now-a-days remember, when tickets were $15. It was considered expensive back then…it would be great now. There was a general admission and tickets sold. This was great for elderly, like my grammy (God rest her soul), who enjoyed going and riding things such as the Merry-Go-Round and Ferris Wheel (which regretably is no longer there) or the Turn Pike (which only God knows why they took that out) and to walk around watching their grand children. It’s now all one admission, if grammy were still alive she wouldn’t shell out the cash for it.

Kennywood does boast 6 roller coasters, 3 water slides, 9 thrill rides, 10 classic rides, 14 kiddie land rides, new shows for the 2011 season, and loads of dining. (POTATO PATCH FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you’ve never had them, go tomorrow, get them and then tell me if they are not the best fries in the entire world!)

You can purchase season tickets for $88.99

Regular Funday Passes $36.99 Each

Junior FunDay Passes (under 46″ tall) $23.99 Each

senior FunDay Passes (55+) $17.99 Each

Children 2 and under are FREE and do not need tickets.

2011 School Picnic Tickets are $22.00.
Kennywood School Picnic Tickets will also be available at participating Giant Eagle locations
beginning mid-April 2011. Tickets will be $25.99.

Idlewild and Soakzone

Idlewild is not Kennywood. Not at all. It’s more of the park for families with small children. It’s still nice though.

It boasts:

Olde Idlewilde


Storybook Forest

Racoon Lagoon

Mister Roger’s Neighborhood

Hootin Holler

Jumpin Jungle

New 2011 Entertainment

Dining and snack areas

and souvenirs of course.

An Idlewild FunDay Pass is good for park admission for (1) individual on (1) regular season operating day only.
A Senior FunDay Pass is good for same for those age 60 and older.

Regular Admission $31.99 each

Senior Citizen Admission (age 60 and older) 23.99 each

Next day pass (sign up at guest service) $17.99 each

Children 2 years and under FREE

2011 Weekday Group Prices

Monday through Friday

GREAT SAVINGS! # of Guests Your Price
SAVE $9.99! 15 – 24 $23.00
SAVE $12.99! 25 – 99 $20.00
SAVE $15.99! 100 – 499 $17.00
SAVE $16.49! 500 + $16.50

2011 Weekend Group Prices

Saturday and Sunday

GREAT SAVINGS! # of Guests Your Price
SAVE $7.99! 15 – 24 $25.00
SAVE $10.99! 25 – 99 $22.00
SAVE $13.99! 100 – 499 $19.00
SAVE $14.99! 500 + $18.00

And finally we have Sandcastle, our resident waterpark.

It’s not huge, but it’s good enough.

There are rides and slides.

waves, rivers and pools

Kiddies slides

and dining of course

2011 SINGLE DAY TICKETS Purchase and print your tickets from your computer now!
Hint: They make great gifts for Birthdays, Graduations or Special Occasions!
Tickets purchased online are valid any operating day during the 2011 season.

General Admission (52″ and taller) $30.99* each
Junior Admission (48” and under ) $20.99* each
Senior Admission (55 & Older) $20.99* each
Children 3 years and under FREE
Kennywood/Sandcastle Same Day Combo Pass
Can be purchased at either park, & valid at both parks in one day! Not available online.
$36.99* each





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