Kids vs Parents: Round 8: Fingernails

My boys fingernails grow like crazy. They grow so fast I usually have to clip them twice a week. If I don’t, they end up scratching themselves and each other with their monster claws. When I first started it was easy. They were fascinated with the clippers and what I was doing.

Not anymore.When I even touch their hands and have the clippers, oh they flip out. Eli clenches his fists and screams, “NO! NO! NO!”

You would think I was killing him.

Brett just runs, screams and hides.

But in the end, mommy always gets her boy. It’ll be a 20 minute battle but their nails do get clipped.

When they were babies they were easy. I would just grab a baby nail file and file them down a bit. Then they got older and their nails grew faster, which resulted in the nail clippers.

If your kid is easy when it come to these things, well whoopty-do for you! Let me pin a rose on your nose!

No, seriously, you suck.

I’m kidding.

But you are lucky. This is one time that a kid and parent battle can result in blood and screams. When a kid is trying to wrench free of you it’s easy for a finger tip to get the snip. That could be why Eli screams bloody murder whenever he see the nail clippers.

Yeah, his finger got the snip once. Not on purpose of course. He was fighting, I was tired of seeing scratches on his face and he yanked his hand away mid fingernail cut and snip, snip on the tip of his finger.

Or perhaps he associates getting his finger nails clipped with being circumcised as a newborn.

Not too sure.

The only advice I can give you, if your child is afraid of the nail clippers and throws the worlds biggest tantrum, hold em down. Yup, just hold the kid down. It’s the only way.

I tried toys, distracting, food and just threatening.

Nothing worked.

Now, I just hold them down.

I hate clipping finger nails.


4 thoughts on “Kids vs Parents: Round 8: Fingernails

  1. Have you tried getting someone else to clip them? i.e. your mom, Greg, a neighbor they like, aunts or uncles? Worked for mine for a while.

    • I have. As soon as they see the nail clippers it’s screams of “NO, NO, NO!” Eli starts saying ow before his nails are even touched. lol.

  2. I kinda feel like Eli’s response to everything is to start screaming “NO!” repeatedly. Lol Ugh, two year olds. I have no idea how you can handle two of them.

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