The wonderful language of Pittsburgh

If you’re from Pittsburgh you know the language. If you’re a transplant to Pittsburgh or are planning to visit us…you most likely don’t but should.

It may scare you, it may intimidate you, it will confuse the hell out of you.

Urban dictionary defines Pittsburghese as:

The accent, slang, and verbal shorthand of someone born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of the most annoying dialects on the face of the earth. Pittsburghese comes in part from speaking more quickly than normal, producing slurs such as the infamous “Jeet jet?” (Did you eat yet?)

Well Urban dictionary, screw you, you jag offs!

Annoying? I happen to like our language.

Sure it makes absolutely no sense and unless you’re born speaking it or have been living here for a million years, you’ll never understand it unless you get a Pittsburghese for dummies book. Don’t be jealous.

It drives Greg crazy when I speak. When I need to be professional I can drop the Pittsburghese, speak slowly and enunciate my words properly. When I’m hanging out, excited or don’t care it is full on Pittsburghese.

Most native speaking Pittsburghers don’t even realize they are using it. Which could be why I get strange looks when a tourist stops and asks me for directions.

If you’re not from the area I’ll give you a small nibble at what I mean:

A whole nother     Another.

Ahnno-dat             I know that.

Ain’da                     Isn’t the.

Airyago                  There you go.

All Over                Covered with.

Apost tu                 Supposed to.

Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too!   Wow what a great goal. Used by Penguins’ announcer Mike Lang

Cole-daht-dare    Cold out there.

Come mere           Come here

Dahn nair             Down there  (the “air” part of this tends to be a favorite of mine. I am constantly saying thins such as: Over air, upair, backair, etc. etc. It drives Greg insane. Yes, he did grow up in Pittsburgh, however; after he went to the Marine Corps he was stationed else where in the world and after 5 years it slowly left him. It is starting to come back to him, must to his dismay.)

Didya                    Did you

Dawntahn           Downtown

Food shoppin     Grocery Shopping

Getouttatheroad Get out of the way

Git atta ‘er/Get aht Get out of here.

souside                   Southside (this is also a popular one. We tend to combine some words, southside is not the only place we do this with. Easliberdy, norside, so on and so forth.

There are plenty more words like this. Tons.

Oh and we eat chipped ham, pierogies, love Primantis sammiches, potato patch fries, drinkin an ahrn downa souside at Marios and pop. (I do say soda…that is the only odd thing about me…I say soda.)


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