Another book review

I’m giving my review on Changeless, the second in the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger.

It was just as witty and entertaining as Soulless. If you haven’t read Soulless and plan too and don’t want it spoiled, don’t read on.

Changeless takes place after Alexia and Lord Conall Maccon are married.

If you remember from Soulless, Alexia is a preternatural or soulless. She is the neutral to the super naturals. She turns werewolves and vampires human simply by touching them and can exorcise a ghost simply by touching its remains. (she hates exorcism, the flesh is very squishy) Due to the fact that she is the only Preternatural in the greater London area she has been appointed to Queen Victoria’s Shadow Counsel as the Muhjah.

There is a strange plague affecting only the supernatural creatures of the British Isles and it seems to be following Lord Maccon’s former pack. He follows his pack back to Scotland when he hears of it’s alpha’s death while fighting in India.

Alexia makes plans, without her husbands knowing, to follow him and figure out what is going on and what the plague is. She arranges to travel by dirigible, unfortunately not alone. Much to her chagrin her mother pushes one of her senseless sisters on her for two weeks, so she goes; her friend, Miss Ivy Hisslepenny who loves awful hats insists on going; Alexia’s maid, Angelique who is a suspected spy for the Westminster vampire hive; Lord Maccons valet, Tunsten because ladies cannot travel alone, and a new comer to London, a French inventor named Madame LeFoux who wears men’s clothing of all things!

The dirigible ride is far from event free. An unknown assailant makes multiple attempts on Alexia’s life throughout the ride. She is untrusting of Madame LeFoux and throughout the entire novel thinks that she is the bad guy. Up until Madame LeFoux is shot, which she still thinks it’s all a ruse. Upon landing in Scotland the party is greeted by a large wolf. Lord Maccon.

The rest of the novel involves Lord and Lady Maccon trying to find the source of the plague, which seems to be originating with the Kingair werewolves. And also convincing her stubborn husband to change his last living relative, his great-great-great granddaughter into a werewolf so that she may be the Kingair’s new alpha. Which is has refused to do for 40 years.

Of course it is Alexia who comes to find the source, destroy’s it, uncovers one person who is trying to murder Madame LeFoux, Angelique and as it turns out she is a spy for the Westminster Hive. However, there is someone else trying to kill her and a big secret is revealed at the end which sends Lord Maccon over the edge. He rejects Alexia and she runs from the Kingair castle back to Woolsey where she packs her things and high tails it back to her mothers.

Is that the end for Alexia and Connal? What is the big secret?

Well go read Changeless, or wait a few days for me to post my review of Blameless. (Which yes, I’ve already read it and I LOVED it! Of course.)

All in all I liked the book. I’m not a huge fan of cliffhangers but I was able to buy Changeless and Blameless at the same time and read them one right after the other, so it worked out for me. The ending though, it’ll kind of make you go, “Oh shit!”


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