The Art of Sleeping in

I remember the carefree days of summer when I had no responsibility or care.

It was 10 years ago, but I remember.

When I started working full time I still worked afternoons and nights so I could sleep in a bit. At least noon. It was nice.

Then I got pregnant. Granted all I did while pregnant was sleep. Well, eat and sleep. But that is beside the point. What pregnant woman doesn’t spend 80% of her time sleeping?

Once your bouncing bundle of joy arrives, you stop sleeping. You learn to nap. Not sleep, nap.

Once the boys turned 2 they started sleeping a bit better. We would be able to get them to bed around midnight, 1 am, but couldn’t get them to sleep past 7 am. Yeah, 7 am. When you have things to do after the kids go to bed, then shower, settle down and finally fall asleep it’s usually 3 am which means you only get 4 hours of sleep.

When you spend your days chasing after 2 two-year-olds, 4 hours of sleep is not enough. Not nearly enough.

Their bedtime is NOT midnight. It is 9 pm. Yes, it takes us 3 hours to get them to settle down and go to sleep. I’m not sure why. We play all day, everyday. You would think by time 9 pm comes along they would be exhausted. Well, they’re not. They’re wound up and ready to keep on playing. It usually results to me chasing them around and Eli screaming, “NO, NO, NO!” At the top of his lungs.

My neighbors probably think I spend my evenings beating my children or killing them, that’s what it sounds like at bedtime.

By then I’m just exhausted without having done the extra work I couldn’t get in when they were awake.

When we first moved here their bedroom was in the open part of the attic (yes, their bedroom and playroom is the attic. It’s a converted attic and nice.), we just put up a mounted baby gate. Brett, is a smart cookie and figured out how to open the gate.
Do you have any idea how freaky it is to wake up to a toddler staring at you? I know, it’s really freaky.

After a week of him doing that and finding the house a mess in the morning, we moved their bedroom to the smaller part with a door. The smaller part is still bigger than my bedroom. Plenty of room for two beds and two boys.

Changing rooms didn’t help the sleeping at all.

So, sleeping in. When you become a parent you can forget sleeping in. By the time they learn what sleeping in is, it’s time for them to start school and then no sleeping in for a good 13 years. Except weekends if they’re not involved with sports, dance, or anything of that sort of course.

To all the parents out there who also feel like doped up zombies come morning when you’re precious little one is screaming for you, I feel your pain.

If you haven’t guessed, I haven’t been able to sleep in, at all.


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