The Great Weight Battle…I’m still on it.

While I was in the shower I was thinking, it’s the best place to think.

You’re alone, for the most part.

People don’t bother you, for the most part.

And you can ignore everybody and claim you didn’t hear them over the water.

But that’s when they just open the shower curtain and you’re standing there in your naked glory with soap now dripping in your eyes and 3 kids, a cat and a dog are yelling at you. Yes, 3 kids. The man is just as bad as them when it comes to bathroom time.

So, I was smart and remembered to lock the door tonight so I did have alone time and I had 10 minutes to think.

I have decided I want to start training for next year’s Pittsburgh Marathon.

I told Greg. He laughed thinking I was kidding. o_0 I wasn’t. I’m serious.

Not only is it a great way to get back into shape, but it would be a great accomplishment and I can think of a few good causes to run for.

I will start training, tomorrow, for the Pittsburgh Marathon.

I’m going to track my progress, success and failures here.

If anybody has any pointers, suggestions or helpful advice you are more than welcome to share it!

Okay, 7 am …or maybe 8 am…will start my marathon training!


4 thoughts on “The Great Weight Battle…I’m still on it.

  1. Two years ago I was 70 pounds heavier (224 lbs).
    I got a bug up my ass and was determined to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I told my friends and family, they laughed. I scowled. I trained, lost 70 pounds and finished that effin Half Marathon in 2hrs and 6 minutes.
    I’ve kept running daily as I now find it totally enjoyable. I’ve also maintained my weight at 150 for the last year & a half. I eat healthy but never, ever deprive myself from ANYTHING. If I want a canolli, I eat a canolli. If I want 4, I eat em. But, I run six miles every morning in order to do so.

    Good luck with your training, I suggest getting a hot tub. Lol.

    Also, no drinking the night before the race.
    Mile 9 patrons got to see what cranberry & vodka looks like, half digested.

    • I want to do the half marathon SO SO SO SO SO bad. I’ve been wanting to do it. It’s just a matter of me getting and staying motivated.

      After having the kids and brain surgery, I can’t seem to drag myself out of bed before the man goes to work. Bah. I’m going to have to set at least 10 alarms in the morning and get moving.

  2. Wow. Good for you. Good luck! And think, even if you fail to reach your goal and don’t run next year’s marathon, you’ll still have worked your butt off and exercised and gotten in much better shape … so you can’t lose.

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