Kids vs Parents: Round 7: Pets

This is a war that has been fought since the stone age when little cave children would drag the saber tooth tiger in through the front door.

Momma caveman would grunt and make cave child take it back. When the cave child would come home it would be war.

I had that very same fight with my mother time and time again. I love animals. What kid doesn’t love a cute and cuddly puppy or a fuzzy kitten? Parents though, they dread when kids are old enough to start bringing home animals or start whining for one.

And as parents we hear all the promises. “Oh, I promise I’ll take the dog for walks.”, “I swear I’ll feed him every day.”, “You’ll never have to worry about the litter box, I’ll scoop it every night!”, “I’ll clean the hamster cage every week!”

They are empty promises. Words being spewed to get what they want. I did it, you know you did it and every parent from here to China did it. Then, we grew up. We did start taking care of our animals and well, now we have to endure the same thing our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents went through. Our children hounding us for furry creatures. More mouths to feed, crap to clean up and shedding. Oh I hate shedding. Both of my animals shed. I vacuum enough fur from my house on a weekly basis to create my own dogs and cats.

I need hairless animals.

Fortunately for us and the pet situation, I’m still an animal lover. We have two fur-babies. A cat and a dog. Our cat, Venus, is a humongous fat Main Coon. She does three things; eat, sleep and poo. That’s it.

That’s her, the fat cat Venus

Our dog. Oh our simple minded dog Minnie.

That’s her, the simple minded Minnie. I sometimes wonder if she was dropped on her head as a puppy, or fell down stairs, perhaps she ran into one too many walls? Either way, not all the lights are on upstairs. If you know what I mean. But don’t get me wrong, we love her in all her simple minded joy. She brings us laughter, kisses and her ratty, stuffingless skunk toy.

We got our fat cat when she was a tiny 2 week old kitten. I nursed her back to health while I was still pregnant and she’s been with us 3 years this past March. The dog, we’ve had her for about 1 1/2 years, since she was about 8 months old.

The kids are only turning 3 so they can’t do much in the way of taking care of them. Yet. When they are old enough for chores, oh believe me they will be responsible for the pets.

If you have children that are of age, and they do the whole promises charade. Don’t fall for it. You’ll end up taking care of the pet. I’m only tricking myself into thinking the kids will be responsible and do as they’re told.

Even though I do believe that having some sort of pet as a child is a good way to teach responsibility. They have to walk the dog, clean the cats litter box or feed the fish. It may be a small thing to do, but it works. It worked on me, eventually.

Okay, who am I kidding, I just wanted to post pictures of my pets. I hope you enjoyed them.


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