Going out into the public

Nothing irritates me more than somebody who works in the customer service/hospitality field that are assholes.

We don’t go out to eat all that often and if we do it’s never for a long period of time. We always either have the kids with us or have to get them from their grandparents.What really bugs me is when a waiter/waitress is ignorant towards us or the kids because they don’t like kids or they’re having a bad day. Well sweet cheeks, suck it up. It’s your job. I’ve had people say, “Kids shouldn’t be allowed around normal people. They should be kept in the house.”

I normally have to bite my tongue hard not to go off on ignorant folk like this. For being 2 my boys are not quite that terrible in public. The only time they do get whiny and cranky is when they’re tired or hungry. Which is rare for when we’re going out somewhere with them. We always make sure they have snacks and had a nap. Granted there are kids out there who just like to scream and make a scene but is that your problem? No, well, unless that’s your child it’s not your problem. If you don’t like hearing kids, shut yourself in a house and don’t come out.

If you work in a store, say Wal-Mart, and you’re a cashier, instead of sighing heavily and giving dirty looks at whiny kids or making snide remarks, how about you do your job and just keep the lips buttoned. If you see a child who is whining and cranky 9 x’s out of 10 the parent is just as cranky as that child. Or if you see a family coming to your register with a large order (not everybody goes grocery shopping every other day. Some people do buy food for 2-4 weeks or longer at a time. Not everybody likes going to Wal-Mart.) don’t roll your eyes. That makes us customers want to take something heavy out of our carts and beat you senseless with it. And no, I will not apologize for my large grocery order. I don’t like visiting Wal-Mart every other day, I like to get my shopping done with for as long as possible.

If you work in a fast food restaurant, say McDonald’s, I don’t even want to hear you complain. Who do you think McDonald’s gears those happy meals and  play places towards? Middle aged lawyers and doctors? Nope, sorry honey buns, that’s geared towards the child. My boys have never played in a play place and remembering my McDonald’s days, they never will. They’re filthy and just…I still get shivers thinking about the nastiness in play areas. If you’re having a bad day, suck it up. Put on a fake smile and leave the attitude at the front door when you start your shift and save it for your break. Chances are the mom and dad you’re waiting on are having a harder day and are at the ‘end of the rope’ and McDonald’s is a last-ditch effort to shut the kids up for an hour or so. Let them have a little peace with their Big Mac without a side of attitude.

If you work in a department store, you’re shit out of luck here. You’ll have kids around no matter what. Sure, some moms/dads let their hooligans run wild but I would like to think most of us keep a tight rein on our spawn. At least I do. Nothing is more embarrassing than having a child misbehave so badly you’re asked to leave. If you have a mom with a child/ children that aren’t being little thugs, try to be nice to her. Chances are, she’s cranky and so are the kids. All I like to do when I’m shopping is to relax and enjoy myself. Yeah, most times I have to take the kids but one wonderful thing about a lot of malls (the mall at Robinson, Ross Park mall) they have play areas. They’re both a life saver and dreaded. Life saver because you can let the kids run and play but dreaded because you have no idea what germs and other nasties are lurking on the play equipment, and that is why I always carry hand sanitizer with me.

There is nothing worse than wanting to spend a day out of the house with your kids and then you run into an asshole. I’ve had it happen to me and even if you don’t have kids, I’m sure it has happened to you. What is the remedy to this? Be nice. That’s right, be as sweet as pie. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar (but vinegar tastes great on spinach). If you really are that unhappy with the service you received…get the manager or corporate number.

Have you had bad experiences at a restaurant, grocery store or department store? Please share with me in the comments section!!!!

Alright, rant over for today.


One thought on “Going out into the public

  1. We went shopping today for our tri-weekly shopping trip. We go to Wal-Mart simply because of that whole one stop shopping. It’s very convenient.

    We had a good time up until we reached the register. This balding, fat man is standing there with a scowl on his face. I already knew it would be a miserable check out experience. I have coupons. Not extreme couponing coupons but a few. There were TWO that were TWO DAYS expired. Not two months or two years…DAYS! You would have thought I took a shit on the conveyor belt and expected him to ring it in. He smacked them down and said, “Those are expired.” and gave me dirty looks the rest of the time he was ringing in the order. A woman comes over and says, “Hey _____ I’m here to replace you!” Balding jerk face says, ” Thank God.” Followed by mumbling.
    I wanted to take my ice cream sandwiches and beat him senseless. o_0

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