You want me to do what??

Yup, another sex talk.

As you, my wonderful readers, will find out, I am not a prude. I’m not embarrassed by sex. I don’t hide sex. I embrace it. Yeah, that’s right, embrace it. I can’t stress enough how important sex is in a relationship. (Again if you’re of sound age and mind…meaning NOT a minor! Preferably over the age of 20…in a stable relationship and can handle the consequences that sometimes accompany sex…i.e. pregnancy.)

No, it’s not the only thing that makes marriage important. There are many aspects that are important but it’s that closeness that sex brings that is so important. It’s that one moment when you and your partner are no longer 2 separate beings but 1. Plus, I just like saying it, SEX! Sex, sex, sex, sex. Say it with me people, S. E. X.

So, the title, you want me to do what? Can you see where this is going? Yeah, to fun in the bedroom.

We’ve all been in the position where we ask ourselves, what the hell are we doing? Why this again? Guess what, you don’t have to do that again!!! Yay!

Be brave, be bold, do something unexpected. No, I’m not going into detail on the different things you can do. Just be unexpected. Buy some new lingerie, or buy it for the first time. Remember, ladies, men are visual creatures. Show them something enticing. Go buy that sexy red baby doll from Victoria’s Secret and put on those sexy black heels. Do a little dance, even if you don’t know how to. (A little laughter won’t kill you either)

You’re self-conscious? You don’t like how you look in the mirror? Have a little spare tire in the middle? Don’t worry, I don’t like how I look either. That doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. Or that you have to suffer through a sexless marriage. I know things happen, you have kids, you get comfortable, you are injured and exercising doesn’t become a priority. Eating healthy isn’t convenient. The kids take up all your time.

It’s happened to me. I’m still working off the weight I put on while I was pregnant.

So, go make yourself feel sexy, beautiful and attractive. Go to the spa, get a mani/pedi or get your hair done. Buy a new outfit and shoes then go on a date. Yes, a date. Get a sitter for the kids (preferably overnight) and then go out to dinner with your man. Enjoy each other.  Have a bottle of wine chilling for when you get home or something to make a few cocktails. Then, sit on the couch and flirt. Remember what it was like when you were dating. Remember the butterflies you got in your stomach just by sitting near him? Remember that first kiss. The sweetness of his lips on yours. His strong hands wrapped around you. The way your heart turned into a puddle of goo in your chest. You remember that don’t you?

For you guys, if any read anything I write, remember the way she made you feel on that first date? Her smile. How soft her hands were in yours. Her laugh. Remember the first kiss?

Even something as simple as flirting, having another “first kiss” and no kids can lead to new things, can lead to the bedroom.

Even if the kids are home, after they go to bed break out that wine. Have a glass with your partner. Let them know how much you love them. Don’t worry about being “proper” in the parents sanctuary (the bedroom) let your inhibitions go and let your mind, body and soul take over. Remember, that person you’re with is the one you choose to be with. The one you love. Let them know you love them with your body tonight. Tell them they’re sexy, beautiful, amazing and just the person of your dreams.

So, why are you still sitting there reading my blog?


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