What you say and what your kids probably hear

I was inspired for this little gem by a cousin of mine. She seems to go through the same things the rest of us moms are.

Have you ever noticed that when you say something to your child(ren) it seems that they hear something completely different? I’m beginning to think that somewhere between their ears and their brains the words get jumbled.

Perhaps a scientist should look into some sort of experimentation or study. Or a brave parent.

I am not that parent. I don’t have the patience for attempting something like that.

Wondering what I’m talking about? Never had this experience? You’re probably not a parent if you haven’t experienced this or your child is too small to talk.

Here is what I’m talking about:

What you say: Clean your room!

What they hear: Get to your room and make a bigger mess.

What you say: Get a shower!

What they hear: Stand in the shower with the water running but don’t wash any part of your body.

What you say: Get dressed!

What they hear: Piss around until I come in to yell at you.

What you say: Eat your dinner!

What they hear: Push your food around and pretend to take bites until I’m sick of watching it.

What you say: Feed the dog.

What they hear: Don’t feed the dog.

What you say: I’m really mad!

What they hear: I’m really mad so start sucking up so you’re not in as much trouble!

That is what we parents deal with on a daily basis and probably why we’re at the end of our rope most days. Mine aren’t quiet as bad yet.

I’m not sure where what we say and what they hear gets mixed up, but it does eventually clear up. Unfortunately, it’s usually not until after they’re grown and out of the house. So only (hopefully) 18 years of it.

Have no fear though, use more than an indoor voice, the full name and you just might get them to do what you want. You might. If your child(ren) are exceptionally stubborn, don’t hold your breath and good luck.


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