The Life of a Housewife

Since I’ve become a housewife I’ve had a few people ask what it is I do. Or how is it I’m busy, I’m always home so I must do nothing.

Well my friends, forget what you’ve seen on Married…with children. Not all housewives sit around eating bon bons and watching soap operas.

My day, well I’m lucky and my kids sleep in, starts around 9 or 10 am. Which is, getting the kids up, changed and fed. That’s usually an hour-long fight right there. They don’t want changed, they want to wear this, they don’t want to eat that but want to eat crap. *sigh* Every mother, no matter if you’re stay-at-home or work out of the home knows this fight. And it doesn’t get better. The older they get, the worse it gets.

After the breakfast fight is usually the determination of what to do?

If you’re children are older than they go off to school. If they’re still small, like mine, it’s a day of keeping them busy. Easy right? No. Not when they’re 2-years-old. It’s hard to keep the attention of a 2-year-old for long. You have to have a lot of things ready for them to do. I keep a small box of toys in the living room and a few coloring books. Even pay-dough doesn’t do the job for long. They eventually try to eat it.

Once you figure out what to do for the day, replan. It will never end up how you want. I’ve learned that the hard way. You always plan, plan and plan again. Even then, it may not be enough. I can tell you about times we’ve gone out and even though I packed 20 million diapers, we ran out.

Another option to trying to have things to do is just take them outside. We did that today. It was 90 out, we turned on the sprinkler and set them loose. 2 hours of fun for the kids while we got yard work done. However, getting them inside is the big problem. We had a HUGE fight for that. Eli ended up falling asleep, Brett whined and screamed. He wanted to play outside all night.

Keeping kids occupied for the day is only part of what us stay-at-home moms do. Another part is cleaning. It’s constant cleaning. Greg is always telling me I’m OCD. I can’t stand messes. In fact, I didn’t have the kids clean up their bedroom or playroom today, it’s driving me nuts. I’m tempted to go upstairs and clean it myself; however, I’m trying to teach them to clean up after themselves. It’s working with Brett, not so much with Eli as you’ve read in previous posts. He’s stubborn like me. The booger.

So, we keep the kids occupied and we clean. We also do the shopping. Now, in my house we shop as a family. Yes, all of us go. Some trips are good, some are bad. I like all of us going. It’s nice and for whatever reason I love shopping. Oh wait, I know why. I’m a woman. HAHA.

Some of us take care of bills, balance the check book, act as chauffeur to the kids, coach, maid and well pretty much everything else.

Being a stay-at-home mom may not be a paying job, but it’s a rewarding one. We get to see our kids all the time. We get some time during naps to do things we like and we get to enjoy having home cooked meals (for those of us who cook) with our family. That is one thing I stress. We all sit down together and eat. There is no going to the living room, basement, game room or wherever you like to go, we eat together. We talk about our day and it’s nice.

That’s at least some of my life as a housewife. I don’t save lives, but I’m there for my kids 100% of the time. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Well, maybe a career as an author which I’d still be home 99% of the time.

Every mother and wife is different. Stay-at-home or working…we’re all moms and/or wives. We all have the same end goal, what’s best for our children and family. If you’re not a wife but are a mom….have no fear, you understand my pain!


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