North Side Park

I live near the north side of Pittsburgh, for the time being.

As much as I love the city, I do not like living in it. I like having space between me and my crab ass neighbors. I can see into her bathroom from the hall window. She doesn’t have a blind and leaves the window wide open.

We invested in black out curtains.

Down the road from where we live is a very lovely park. It’s right behind the Aviary. I did not know this park existed until we moved down here. Still, we didn’t go there. We’d drive an extra 10 minutes out of our way to Schenley Park. Why? I was always told that the North Side was bad. It was “ghetto” and I’d be mugged if I went there.

Not true. Sure Pittsburgh has its unsavory characters and areas like any other city; however, the North Side really isn’t all that bad. This park is really quiet beautiful and loaded with squirrels, which has made my boys beyond happy. They are a menace to public wildlife, mainly squirrels. One squirrel was brave. He only went up a tree half way, turned and stared down Eli. The ducks weren’t as brave.

The first time we went was a few weeks ago. It was nice out and gas being almost $4/ gallon we didn’t want to drive that far for a park. I remembered the park down the road. After much convincing, I talked Greg into taking a break and away we went. Parking sucks down there, luckily we were able to find a spot near one of the openings. There have a nice little play area. Not huge but adequate for play time. After playing for a while we walked. It’s a lot bigger than I thought. It was surprisingly very nice.

The second time we went we took Minnie. Remember, Minnie is simple-minded and not all together there upstairs. She’s an idiot. She goes for walks, we usually go to the North Shore, there’s a nice walking path down there and loads of other dogs which she loves. Well, she apparently forgot how to act around people and other dogs the moment she set foot into the North Side Park. She turned into this crazy dog. I understand the sniffing and the peeing, but geez oh man. She went to every dog like it was the first dog she’s ever seen. We live next door to two dogs, that she sees everyday. There is a pond in the park. It has a few bridges over it and minnows. There are a few parts that are even with the ground and a few that are blocked by a wall. Well, my genius dog decided to paw at the water. She leaned a bit too far over and toppled, head first into it. She freaked out, climbed out and doggy slimmed all of us with her vigorous shaking.

She wreaked afterward.

We kept walking around, looking at the statues and monuments, watching the ducks and squirrels. I’m actually excited about going back. For a little get away in the city, I’d say go there. It’s peaceful, good for the family and as long as you clean up your dogs presents, good for pets too.


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