The great weight battle…continues

I think I’m going to start keeping track of my weight battle. Some days may be double posts…but the weight battle will be documented.
I WILL win this battle. I know if I start to work out every day I’ll get my energy back. I won’t be the tired and cranky mom.

Now…I need ideas! I have Xbox 360 Fitness evolved which I like. I just need to do it. Greg has a weight machine thingy I can use. Right now the evil cat uses it as a cat perch. I also have Minnie. We don’t go for nearly as many walks as she’d like, but with the kids…how do I manage that? Walking a dog with 2 toddlers in tow?

I’m hoping that when we move, which I hope is soon, we have a HUGE backyard.

So, anymore suggestions on what to do?

Okay, I’ll confess to everything. I have to admit it.

My weight…well…it’s not 120. Which is where I want to be. There. I confessed.


One thought on “The great weight battle…continues

  1. Great site. I just came across your site while checking out Pgh bloggers. We have a wii for the kids (which I don’t use except for weighing myself). I am not sure what all you have tried, but I have lost about 50 lbs and my wife about 40 lbs by simply changing diet. Not being on a diet, changing lifestyle. Anyways, email me if you are interested in trying out some of my ideas. No cost! I am not a business 🙂

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