Parents vs kids: Round 6: Pets

You hear it all the time. The screaming, promises…this one will be different. I’ll take care of it!

It’s the great pet debate.

All those promises the kids make, won’t happen. They won’t feed the dog, clean up the litter box, clean the fish bowl or change the hamsters bedding. Do you know who will?

You. Yes, you.

We have had our pets for a while now. (I’ve never been without a pet of some sort) Venus has been with us since she was 2 weeks old and I was still pregnant. She’s mine. I clean her box and feed her. We got Minmin when she was 8 months old. The kids were 1. She’s mine. Okay, ours. I feed her, clean up after her, bath her and walk her.

Why did we get pets with the kids so small? Because I love animals. Will the kids be responsible for taking care of them when they’re older? Yes. Why? Responsibility. Except for Venus…I’ll always take care of her. She may hate my guts but she’s still my girl.

Yeah, my cat hates me. She’s out to get me and no I’m not crazy. That evil cat will hide in the darkest corners of the house and lie in wait. What is it she’s waiting for? Me to get out of bed at 2 am and go pee. What does she do? She leaps out of the darkness and attacks my legs. After the attack she tears off like a bat out of hell down the hallway and down the stairs. That’s not the worst thing she does. She’s not only evil but also odd and creepy. She will climb on my night stand and stare at me. You know when you have that feeling of someone watching you? I’d get that feeling, open an eye and there she is. Being weird and staring at me. She’ll just meow at me and walk away. I could be sitting on the couch writing and look to my right and there she is…staring at me.

I don’t know what her fascination with me is. You would think she would love the person who saved her life. No, she detests me and is trying to either kill me or drive me insane. Perhaps both. She could still hold a grudge because I had her spayed and got her shots, but come on that was 3 years ago! Isn’t it time for her to let that go? Okay, so I don’t let her outside, but she’s an indoor cat! I don’t care if she was, literally, born in a barn. She hasn’t been outside since she was 2 weeks old. That was 3 years ago! That cat needs to learn to let things go.

I hope you don’t have an evil cat.

Back to kids and their promises. They’re lies. If you don’t believe me, go watch Bethoveen. No, not a movie about the pianist. The one about the St. Bernard. The 3 kids swear to take care of the puppy. Do they? Nope. It’s no different in real life. Even I’m guilty of doing that to my mom. I did grow up and realize that they’re my pets. My responsibility.

I’ve seen kids throw the worst tantrums over animals. I was at the mall a few years ago, Century 3 when they had the pet store, just looking at the puppies and buying my cats a few things, when this girl who was probably 10 or 11 had a complete meltdown in the store. I’m talking throwing herself on the floor, screaming, kicking, crying and yelling that she hated everybody all because her mom wouldn’t buy her an $800 puppy. $800 puppy. You can get a puppy from the pound for $50 and save a life at the same time.

$800…for a puppy.

We got Minmin from an odd couple. They lived with one of their mothers who had a hoard of dogs and a few cats, the girl was pregnant but they just couldn’t take care of a dog. o_0. That was pretty much my face. Their loss, our gain. She’s an odd and simple minded dog who loves the bean bag chair. I could write a week’s worth of blogs about her. I might some time. Or at least post videos of her and her Minnieness.

Even if the kids never take care of our cat or dog, they’re forever ours. Venus and Minnie. They’re our four-legged children and we love them. No matter how dim-witted and simple minded they are.


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