Dancing with Hines

Well, the City of Champs may not have won any sports trophies last season; however, our dear Hines Ward did bring home an award. Maybe not necessarily for Pittsburgh but it’s something that can help ease the pain of not having another Lombardi Trophy or Stanley Cup. (I’d rather have the Lombardi and Sir Stanley here in Pittsburgh…don’t think I don’t. And yes, I’m a huge sports nut. I’ll be posting TONS of sports things come fall when hockey and if there is a football season starts up.)

Steelers wide receiver won the Mirror Ball Trophy last night after beating Kristie Alley. (who looks absolutely amazing.)

I’m not a Dancing with the Stars fan. In fact I didn’t watch a single episode, not even the finale. I am proud of Hines Ward though. That was a pretty awesome thing winning.

I remember reading last week that his partner, Kym Johnson, was taken out of their practice on a stretcher (not sure if it was just a PR stunt or not) but she came back and helped Hines go on to win the trophy.

So, did Hines win because of his talent? I did go back and watch a few of his dances and yeah, he’s good BUT could it have been the Steeler nation behind him? Could every Steeler fan  who watched and cheered him on helped him into the finals and to win?

Either way, the Steeler nation loves Hines, he worked his butt off to get to where he did. He was amazing, his partner was amazing and he deserved that trophy.

Now, Hines…stay out of Honda Civics that belong to absent minded women who don’t remember to call the police back about missing vehicles. Oh, and congratulations!

And now, the BIG question. Was this a career ending move for Ward? Is this an indicator that he won’t be with the Steelers much longer? Is he planning on retiring?

Hopefully he stays another few years. What would the Steelers be like without Ward?


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