Every mother needs this.

Hell, every parent needs this.

Every parent does it differently. Some take a hot bath/shower. Some read a book. Some read a book while taking a hot bath. While others, this is the category I fall in (as well as the hot bubble bath and book) most of the time, alcohol.

Yes, I enjoy late night glasses of wine, a margarita or 2, a mimosa or 3, a cocktail of some sort. Tonight, I am partaking in a strawberry margarita in the fancy margarita glasses Greg bought me for Christmas.

It is damn good.

I’m doubly cursed. Not only am I a mother I am also an aspiring author. You know all those things you read about a writer hovering over their laptop, desktop, typewriter, paper with a bottle in hand? Well, replace bottle with fancy glass.

No, I am not an alcoholic. I do not partake in the alcoholic beverage every night, just every so often. Most nights I just write or read.

Unwinding is a vital part of the night for every parent. This is the time when we get to relax and forget about our days. Whether we work outside of the home or are stay-at-home moms/dads, we all need it. It’s almost as important as having that mommy/daddy time. You know what I’m talking about. That special time of day when kids aren’t around…yeah. Unwinding is nearly as important as that.

We need time to let our minds, as well as our bodies relax.

There are other ways to relax. You can’t do it everyday, unless you’ve got a ton of money, but going to the spa. Personally, I’ve never been to a spa. Sure I’ve had mani’s and pedi’s but not all day massaging and facial spaing. I’d love to and one day I will. And I’ll have wine while I do it.

No matter how you do it, unwind. Break out that bottle of wine, get that big glass (not the dainty, girly one) and sip while you do absolutely nothing. While you pour yourself a drink, pour one for your spouse. That’s right, even if you don’t drink together, say s/he has work to do, get them one. Even if they don’t ask. It’s part of that whole doing something just because that I mentioned in my other post.

See, I’m already giving you ideas!

And when your spouse does something nice, don’t be an asshole afterwards. Say, “Thanks honey! That’s great!” and drink your drink. Or eat your food.

Now, as you relax, let your mind wander. Don’t let it go to things you have to do, which I do all the time, but let it go someplace else. Let it focus on something you enjoy and love. I try to make mine focus on my writing.

You can call me selfish for not thinking of the kids, I do that all day, but this is my time. Time for me to do something for me. Greg and I don’t go out alone all that often. Usually once or twice a year. Yes, you read that right, once or twice a year. Our anniversary and some other random night. What do we do the rest of the year? We spend that time with our kids or with each other. Which is why bedtime is so freaking important!

So, tonight, after you put the kids to bed, go to your kitchen and grab that big wine glass and bottle. Kick back in your own little space and unwind.

à ta santé!


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