Kids vs Parents: Round 4: Bedtime


I have a love/hate relationship with bedtime.

I love it because that leads to my quiet time but hate it because it’s battle royal until I leave the room. Yes, we have screaming, crying, whining, kicking and general tempertanrumary. That’s what I hate.

Eli is the worst. That boy can throw a tantrum like no other. Let’s take this morning for example. We got up around 10 am. I did the usual morning routine; go to their room, change their pull-ups, clothes and head downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast. Our kitchen is right next to the living room so I turn on Spongebob for them to watch while I fix their eggs/waffles/pancakes/cereal/oatmeal…whatever I feel like making for the day. Well, Mr. Eli decided he just was not happy this morning. Not sure why, but he was just a sour puss…all day. So, he’s in the living room and as I’m scanning the channel guide (I love you Verizon Fios BTW) and he just flips out. It was a 30 minute tantrum. At first I asked him what was wrong. He just screamed. I tried holding him and he threw his body around. I sat there and he ran around, screaming, crying and threw himself on the couch.
What did I do?

Got up and went to the kitchen to cook.

He followed me.

I have had a migraine all day.

So tonight. He didn’t nap…again. We have given up all napping. It’s about 10:15 pm, they (Greg and both boys) let me take a 2 hour nap, so it was bedtime for them. Everybody goes happily upstairs. We change pull-ups, play for a bit, get a few toys in the bedroom and then we announce “BEDTIME!”. So starts the tantrums.

Brett isn’t so bad. He just cries for a bit then drinks his juice. Eli, oh no. He keeps on going.

Now, they have a tv in their room. Yes, we are those parents that give their kids a tv in their room. It’s usually just background noise for them while they play. They picked their movie, had their toys (they don’t fall asleep right away.), juice and a clean diaper.

Why is that child screaming?

It’s the never ending battle.

Eli: NO! NO! NO!

Mommy: Yes, yes, yes!

Eli: WHY! (yes, he’s screaming at me)

Mommy: It’s obvious that you’re tired and need to sleep.

Eli: NO!

Mommy: Yes.

Eli: WHY!

Mommy: Because little boys need sleep.

Eli: WHY!

Mommy: It helps you grow and your body needs rest.

Eli: NO! NO! NO!

Mommy: Yes, yes, yes. Now goodnight.

Eli: NO! NO! NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy: I’m not arguing with you Eli James. (I’ve been told I talk to them too much like they’re bigger…but eh I was never the baby talker. Why belittle kids?)


Mommy: I love you.

Brett: (pointing to his eye, heart than me) I uv ew.

Mommy: I love you too.

Eli: NO! NO! NO! (while kicking and punching his bed)

That was how bedtime was today.

I’m purchasing a wonderful new bedtime book “Go the F*ck to sleep!”  by Adam Mansbach.

That man understands the bedtime pains.


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