Kids vs Parents: Round 3: Eating

We have been engaged in a 1 1/2 year long war so far. The biggest war that plagues all parents. A war that is worse than bathtime, bedtime, nap time and dress up time. It’s the ultimate battle that if a parent looses, they loose big time. It’s frustrating, migraine inducing and something we parents can’t wait till it’s over.

This ultimate war?


When my boys were born they were pigs. Oh they loved eating. They loved it so much that they quite literally dried me up by time they were 4 months old. Seeing as how they were 6 weeks premature I was more than happy to let them at as much as they wanted. By time they were 6 months they were caught up to babies their own age and no longer were drowning in preemie clothes. (Yeah, preemie clothes were ENORMOUS on them when they were born)

Unfortunately, when the ta ta’s dried up we had to start using formula. Hello baby acid reflux and the smelliest spit up ever. I was so glad at 12 months when we got to start using Vitamin D milk. When we started the kids on solid foods at 4 months (yeah, they are early starters on everything) they ate it up. They eagerly ate it up. From then on there were no issues with eating. They ate everything. I could cook anything that popped into my mind and they would gobble it up like it was gourmet food.

Then they turned 2. Then they became the worlds pickiest eaters. I couldn’t get them to eat anything! Except for cereal and pb & j sandwiches. Which I love a good pb & blackberry j as much as the next person…but not 3 times a day every day. It was ridiculous. We slowly expanded to turkey dogs (not beef or generic hot dogs…turkey hot dogs.) and kraft man n cheese. They wouldn’t and still won’t touch velvetta mac n cheese. Ground beef is completely out of the question. We just now got them to start eating chicken again.

Brett’s absolute favorite food?


I don’t know how the kid isn’t constipated.

This is a battle every parent dreads. I’m dreading it. I hate it and i can’t wait till its over. I’ve seen some parents endure it till their kids are 10 or 11 and then restart it once they hit 16.

I don’t want my boys to be picky eaters until they’re 10 and restart at 16.

Why do kids do this? Why do teenagers do this? Why are there some grown people who do this?

Personally, I enjoy trying new foods. Experiencing something unique and sometimes good, sometimes bad. It’s all a matter of being open.

Kids, my kids especially, are not open to new things. Why not? I have no freakin idea.

Let’s take an example. Last night, I made lasagna. Not Rachel Ray, orgasm in your mouth lasagna, just…lasagna. With homemade garlic bread. (The garlic bread was orgasm in your mouth good by the way…before I burned it.) What do my grateful children do? Stare at it like I put a pile of poison on their plates. Did they eat it? No. What did they eat? Freaking honey kix. Yes, their dinner was honey kix. Why? Because that was the only thing that would keep them from screaming.

I will continue my battle. I will win. Eventually.

To everyone who is in this battle…good luck. To everyone who survived it, kudos to you.


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