Newly Wed Bliss and other things

You’ve taken that big step.

Welcome to the world of marriage.

I can sort of remember back when I was a newly wed. That bliss surrounded me like a warm halo.

That halo dissipated quickly.

There is something that is known as “the honeymoon phase”. You’ll go through thisĀ  a few times during your relationship. The first one happens while you’re dating. The length this first honeymoon phase lasts varies from relationship to relationship. Mine lasted about 4 months. Once we hit that 4 month mark, that was it. We were used to each other. We didn’t stay up till 4 am talking and when he came home it was like seeing an old friend. This is when we began really being “ourselves”. This is when you really start to notice the flaws in your boy/girlfriend.

Now, many couples don’t last past the honeymoon phase. That’s why you date, to find that right one. Some people find it in their first boy/girlfriend and others take years. Sadly, some never find that right person and they are either single their entire lives or are divorced 6 times by 50.

If you last the honeymoon phase, you tend to eventually get to the next phase in relationships. Engagement. This is a big step. A huge step. It’s the step before what is supposed to be the last step. An entirely new honeymoon phase sets on you and your partner. It’s exciting and exhilarating. You’re looking at venues, meeting with DJ’s, caterers and sampling cake. You eventually start looking at wedding gowns, picking colors and planning the honeymoon. But, things can always take a turn here as well. The planning, finances and each other can begin to wear on you. Stress you out and sadly not all engagements last.

After the wedding and actual honeymoon you’re in wedded bliss. Always holding hands, kissing and cuddling. You always want to be together and dread work. (Dreading work never ends. It always goes on, before and after being married) Again this phase lasts a different amount of time for every couple. This is the time when you truly learn every. Single. Thing about your spouse. Things you may and may not want to know. Hopefully you’re able to deal and live with all of your new spouses flaws. They will have them because nobody is perfect.

If you have had your spouse sat on a pedestal…it’s time to take them down otherwise you’re going to be sorely upset when things take a turn. Things won’t always be perfect. Even that couple who seems perfect, they aren’t. They are probably the ones with the biggest problems. Be open and truthful with your spouse. Preferably before you are married. Divorce is messy and expensive.

Now, if you’re just married and thinking “Oh my God…do I know ____?”

I hope you do.

If not…you better get to talking.

The next thing in life after marriage is probably the biggest thing a person can do in their lives and hardly anyone takes it seriously, or considers it before having sex.


Now, so many people just have sex. Protection, no protection, who cares? Well, you should. Children are not something to be so careless about. They’re kids. Human beings. People. The future.

They are what we make them. They learn from their parents. Us. They act like their parents. Us.

This is why your parents were so adamant about waiting to have sex. Sex results in pregnancy. Pregnancy brings children into the world. Cherish you children. Give them a hug and kiss. Go find your spouse. Give them a hug or kiss.

Remember, when you marry, when you have children it’s no longer about you. It’s about your family.

I’ll steal a saying from one of the shirts in my store: “The meaning of life is to give life meaning”.

That’s it for my musings today. Hope you enjoyed.


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