Kids vs. Parents: Round 2: The Bath

Every parent knows this battle. That time of night when you take your smelly, dirty child to the bathroom for the bath. (insert menacing voice and laugh as you say bath with an evil shadow on your face. That’s what I imagine the child  sees as you call out to them to get their butt to the bathroom)

Once a child is old enough, they will fight you. There’s no getting around it. My mom fought my brother for 10 years on bath time. Oh, they will kick, scream and act like you are murdering them. Then, when that doesn’t deter you from cleaning their smelly butts, the why’s start. You know those why’s.

Mommy:  Time for a bath.

Child: Why?
Mommy: Because you’re dirty.
Child: Why?
Mommy: Because you played hard all day.

Child: Why

Mommy: Because that’s what kids do.
Child: Why?
Mommy: Why am I answering you?
Child: Why?

All you moms and dads out there with rugrats who speak understand my pain and what I’m going through. What should be a nice quick 10 minute bath has now dragged on to 20 minutes. By time your child is done asking why and you are able to wrestle the clothes off of him/her and get them into the tub…30 minute bath time.

Now, here is where it gets perplexing. That same child who fought you for 15 minutes just to get them into the tub, now won’t come out. Yes, now you have another fight on your hands. Apparently in the 10-15 minutes it takes to scrub down your child, she/he has grown fond of tub time. Whats perplexing about this is, tomorrow night, it will be the same fight to get them into the tub again.

After going through another round of why’s you just turn off the tub, let the water drain and wrestle the child out of the tub this time. Again they kick, scream and act like you are murdering them. What are you truly doing? Drying them off and wrestling them back into clothes. Nice, comfy pjs that should make them feel relaxed…no. It winds them up and sends them into a tizzy of running around like little madmen.

Then ensues the bedtime battle. Which is a whole other post for another time.


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