The Great Cupcastrophe

I’m not Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart. I don’t bake from scratch. Well, I rarely bake from scratch. I’ve never made a cake that wasn’t out of a box.


I am not that brave.

It takes someone with skill, patience and time to bake cakes from scratch. I don’t have any of those. What patience I do have is spent on the kids. My time is spent on the kids and I just lack in the baking skill department.

I was staring at a box of strawberry Pilsbury cake mix yesterday and started laughing as I remembered my great cupcastrophe.

The name says it all…an absolute catastrophe.

I swear I followed the directions to a T. I mixed the oil, eggs and water like the box said to. I put the cupcake holders in the little holes in the pan, filled them 3/4 of the way up and put them in the over. Which was preheated. What happened 10 minutes later really sucked. I go to check on my lovely cupcakes and they’re not in the cupcake holders anymore. Where is the batter? All over the oven.

How does cake mix out of a box explode? How? I still don’t know how it exploded but it did.

Don’t take your eyes off cake batter. Watch it closely. Otherwise…it’ll explode in your oven.


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