The great weight battle and other things

Like nearly every other mother and woman out there I am in the middle of a war. I call it “The Battle of the Bulge”. (I think it was actually used in an infomercial sometime…but it works.) Before I had the kids I was still battling my love handles but it wasn’t so bad, in fact I think I had the fat front lines on retreat. Then…I got pregnant. Not just pregnant, but super pregnant. And the love handles somehow managed to fight back. Despite my determination, mainly in my head, to workout it’s been a huge failure. We have the exercise equipment, workout video games and a dog…I’m still loosing. I’m loosing miserably. Despite having lost almost 80 lbs since having the boys I still feel like a huge failure. Maybe it’s because my last job was miserable and unfulfilling that I feel so horrible about myself, maybe it is because I’m not 130 lbs anymore. Maybe because I don’t have my job, which I hated. Either way it’s a daily struggle. With my weight, my emotions and daily life.

Everyone off the pity train! Now that I’m a house wife, stay-at-home mom and can actually have time to do things I just may have to get together with my generals and develop a new fat killing strategy.

My biggest problem? I’m always tired. Always. I have made strides in the right direction though. Eating Activia, salads, drinking water (even though I have slacked on the water the past few days), drinking green tea and I don’t eat white bread. Just whole wheat. So that’s good…right?

On top of my new battle with my bulge I’ve also decided to try and be more of one of “those” moms. You know…the one who actually does her dishes as they get dirty and not 6 hours later, folds laundry the day it’s washed and dried…not 10 weeks later. And wakes up early. Before 11 am early and makes their kids an actual breakfast every morning. Not just throwing a pop tart in the toaster oven or pouring cereal. Granted today the kids slept till noon. I was more than happy to let them. So no breakfast, just lunch. And doughnuts. I gave them Oj…soooo that’s healthy. lol.

On a happy topic, Brett now says I love you. Yay for the small things


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