Welcome to The Pittsburgh Housewife

 Being a mom of almost 3 year-old twin boys, my days are hectic to say the least. A simple trip down the road is no longer simple. It’s an ordeal. You have to make sure enough pull-ups are packed, an extra outfit or two, a light jacket, wipes, snacks and well, you get the picture. We’re in the Toy Story phase, any mother who has kids that enjoy movies knows what I’m going through. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we watch Toy Story 1-3.
That’s all we watch.
I can recite the movies from memory. Disney/Pixar should be paying me now.
My family consists of myself, my husband Greg, Brett and Eli (the sons), Venus our cat and Minnie our dog. We live in the bustling city of Pittsburgh, Pa and are not your typical family. We love, fight, argue and are trying to make a place in life. There are good times, bad times and those times that are somewhere in the middle. What makes us stand out from other families…both my husband and I are the most sarcastic people in the world.
Yes, my second language is sarcasm and I ooze it. Greg, well, he’s Greg. We’ve known each other forever and somehow are still not sick of each other. We’ve been married for 3 years…sometimes it feels like 30. We don’t fit in with the perfect little suburbanite families. We don’t pretend to be perfect. Our living room has kids toys strewn about, my breakfast dishes are still sitting in the sink at 2 in the afternoon, I have 2 loads of unfolded laundry and I wipe my bathroom mirror with my hand!
Oh, and the snowman from Christmas is still in the front yard.
I am an aspiring author. Meaning, I write and hope to get published some day. Greg, is an IT guy. He does computer stuff. I don’t do computers. I’m surprised I can manage to work my way around wordpress.
Let’s talk about my day today.
The kids stayed up late. 2 am. Meaning they slept in till 11 am. YAY!!!
We wake up and I actually make breakfast. Usually it consists of throwing an Eggo Waffle in the toaster oven or giving them a bowl of cereal. I made cheesy, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. (Yeah, that’s right we eat turkey bacon.)
Fast forward a few hours.
My but is on the couch and Eli sits next to me.
Eli : Momma
Me : Eli
Eli: Momma
Me : What Eli
Eli : Shoe!
Me : Why do you smell like cheese?
He then opens his mouth to reveal chewed up, slimy American cheese
Me : Oh, that’s why.
My wonderful monsters precious angels provide hours of entertainment. Many of my posts will probably be about what they did and it will be funny.


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