It’s a double post today.

Is there blog protocol for double posting?

Either way, seeing as how I am from Pittsburgh and my blog IS The Pittsburgh Housewife and I always got my cotton candy from him…this has to be posted.

Another Pittsburgh favorite, Kenny Geidel, a vendor at PNC Park, has died. He was known for his “LEMONADE HERE!”.

I don’t remember him from PNC Park though. I remember him from the Mellon. His “COTTON CANDY HERRREEE!” I always bought my cotton candy from him when hubby and I would go. His high pitched call, seeing the pink, fluffy bags of goodness were always indicators of a good night whether the Pens won or not.

He started working at 3 River Stadium (Pittsburgh’s former football stadium that was demolished in 2001 to make way for Heinz Field) in the 1980’s. After it was imploded he moved to PNC Park but also called out yummy snacks at Heinz Field and the Mellon (Civic Arena…whatever you remembered it as).

He was old. He was skinny. But he always had a smile on his face and a kind word. He will be missed by all of his family, friends and us sports fans who enjoyed getting our cotton candy from that great man.


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